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‘King Cobra’ star Garrett Clayton likes being nude but doesn’t like talking about his personal life

Garrett Clayton plays gay porn star Brent Corrigan in the new feature film King Cobra – a role that requires nudity and sex scenes with male co-stars.

It’s quite a departure for the 25-year-old former Disney Channel star who is also playing Link Larkin in NBC’s upcoming Hairspray Live!

Clayton knows the questions about his sexuality are coming just as they have come to other actors who have taken on explicit gay roles.

Just don’t expect him answer those kinds of questions.

‘I don’t really like talking about my personal life,’ Clayton tells

‘I like a certain amount of veil.’

He goes on to say: ‘I’ve been very lucky this year. I haven’t been brought down because people are focused on who I’m dating, what I’m eating, or what handbag is the best handbag — that’s so cheap to me. But if others want to open up about their personal lives, that is their choice. It’s not for me to judge.’

One thing Clayton doesn’t mind talking about is being nude and doing nude scenes.

‘I like to be as naked as possible,’ he says. ‘If friends come over, I’ll just have on basketball shorts with no socks, no shirt, and maybe underwear. I hate clothes.’

He certainly didn’t need any for the final shot in King Cobra in which his butt can be seen with a tattoo (it was just a temporary).

‘The makeup artist is painting my ass, and the AD is like, “We’re losing light!” And I’m like, “This is gonna project about 40 feet high, and I’m gonna see it for the rest of my life. So let’s get it right.”‘

King Cobra is out on October 21. It stars James Franco and Keegan Allen as a pair of cash-strapped pro producers who will do anything – even commit murder – to get porn headliner Corrigan out of his contract with the producer who made him famous.

Christian Slater plays the producer and Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald are also in the cast of the film written and director by Justin Kelly.



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6 Remarks

  1. October 12th, 2016 at 5:15 pm
    Chi Town Gay says:

    If Mr. Clayton is indeed gay, then I have one word for him: Coward.

  2. He would have to do it in his own time. Every gay person should understand that about anybody.

  3. He’s very handsome & hot! Wow, he likes to be naked…hmmm?
    Looking forward to seeing your movie.

  4. I agree with Greg though it’s sad that gay people are still forced to remain closeted in Hollywood. I bet his PR team told him not to come out “might hurt your chances you’re just starting out in the big leagues”

  5. To Ms Chi Town Gay: WTF is your problem, calling Garrett Clayton a Coward? It shows your complete lack of Character, quality and sensibility when you believe that You are qualified to JUDGE others on their Bravery or of being Cowards in Life. At least he is willing to get up on screen and show himself, his entire body and for a time, become whatever Character the role requires him to be as an Actor.
    Trust me, That takes Utter Bravery and Courage. It also takes the same amount of Bravery and Courage to tell others that they wish to keep their PRIVATE LIFE & CHILDHOOD, Just that, PRIVATE. So nosey-bodies like you and so many others will not intrude in that part of their lives.
    Yes, it takes the greatest amount of Courage Possible… Obviously, something a person like you could not understand… which crawls upon this earth, with her sharpened talons extended, seeking ways to inflict wounds upon the feet of those others who are already Brave and Strong in this World we live in.
    Why don’t you crawl back into that smelly moss covered slime-pool you slithered out of and stay there because the rest of the world doesn’t need people like you trying to tear any folks down. Alaskan Cabin Man

  6. People like Chi Town Gay are the real cowards here. People like him throw shade and put down others while hiding behind a fictional name on the internet. I wouldn’t call that being brave.

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