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Kelly Osbourne urges audience at Trevor Project event to give Trump a chance: ‘People voted for him’

Kelly Osbourne wants people – even LGBT people – to give Donald Trump a chance.

‘We are living in a time where we might not have the future president that we wanted in this country,’ Osbourne said over the weekend as she accepted an award from The Trevor Project, an organization focused on suicide prevention among LGBT youth.

‘People voted for him and just like they gave us a chance to love equally – we will fight to keep that – but we have to give him a chance as well.’

While urging people to give the US president-elect a chance, Osbourne acknowledged on the red carpet before the start of the event how much his win has upset and unsettled so many young people.

‘I was speaking with some members of the board about how drastically the call rates went up after the election,’ she said.

‘It’s why now more than ever we all need to be here and showing our support and that we are all here for each other no matter what.’

Trevor Project Executive Director Abbe Land told the audience at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills the exact impact Trump’s victory had on the demand for their suicide prevention services: ‘In the aftermath of one of the most contentious presidential elections that I think most of us have lived through, this has yielded the highest number of calls, chats and texts from LGBTQ youth in our whole organization’s history. In the nine day period following the election, 2,000 young people reached out to us.

‘It is so critical that we meet the urgent needs of our young people … we need to remind them of their value, we need to advocate for laws that protect their lives and their futures.’

Trump is against same-sex marriage and has vowed to appoint a US Supreme Court justice with a similar view.

In addition, most of his cabinet positions have so far been filled with people with strong anti-LGBTI records and views.

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9 Remarks

  1. Give Trump a chance? Really? He’s been anti gay through the campaign. His ENTIRE cabinet is antingay. What else is left to say.

  2. I think all the hair dye has rotted her tiny brain. What a stupid thing for her to say to gay people!

    Faen, you are so right….the whole cabinet is anti-gay. And she’s not even an American citizen so she should keep her big yapper shut!!

    Just when you think you seen and heard everything…something this stupid comes along! *eye roll*

  3. What a dumb statement for Kelly Osbourne to make. Trump has been getting multiple chances with every cabinet position he appoints. Every single one of them has been anti-workers, anti-middle class, anti-environment, anti-LGBT, anti-minorities. People don’t need to “give him a chance”. He’s already squandering all of his chances with every action he has taken since the election.

  4. yes what is left to say ..except that we must fight once again to keep what we have already won..and make surE that the likes of Sessions atc. are not part of the cabinet…accept? seriously..he and his choices have already shown us what we can expect..ACT UP..FIGHT BACK…Again!!!!

  5. Fuck that shit! Trump can kiss my gay Puerto Rican ass!

    FAIN and RJ, you are absolutely right. Trump is anti-LGBT, anti-worker’s rights, anti-environment and anti-immigrant (Mexican and Muslim). He’s proving it more and more with his cabinet picks.

    I’ll never give him a fucking break as long as blood runs through my body! As Robert said “ACT UP..FIGHT BACK… Again!!!!

  6. Not as many as voted for Clinton, you imbecile. Depart for old blighty and take your hypercritical slag of a mother with you.

  7. @aRobert-ACT UP, FIGHT BACK. Truer words haven’t been spoken in a while.

  8. @RJ-his time in the WH will make G W Bush’s time look almost quaint. I’m terrified for us as a community and a country.

  9. @Joe-Don’t you love how someone who is privledged is telling US to give that xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, Islamaphobic POS a chance.

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