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Kathy Griffin not laughing over broken friendship with Anderson Cooper: “It still hurts”

Posing with a gory mask that looked like Donald Trump’s decapitated head in 2017 certainly changed Kathy Griffin’s life.

Once the queen of TV comedy specials and co-host with Anderson Cooper of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, Griffin lost the CNN gig, all of her endorsements, and all the bookings she had coming up in the U.S.

But she is a survivor and wrote a new show and took it all around the world. The international Laugh Your Head Off tour raked in $4.4 million. She’s also returned to U.S. venues like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall and has a new concert film Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story premiering at outh by Southwest, the annual showcase of buzzy movies in Austin, Texas.

In an interview with Variety, Griffin talks about her comeback but admits there’s one thing that will never come back – her friendship with Anderson Cooper: “I was devastated. It still hurts. I mean, I really loved him. I don’t have a punchline for that one.”



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One Remark

  1. I don’t think he ever felt the same for her. After her mistake, I don’t think she reacted with maturity (speaking about the cocaine addiction of her alleged ex friend Andy Cohen, and even describing him as providing the drug to her, what is worse). That was neither in her favor nor representative of someone you could fairly trust or that is mature enough to face the harshness of life. I don’t think her mistakes ended there and she did other horrible errors that (for me) say that there may be some other personal problems looming on the horizon, again. But hey, life has the final say and we will see how she handles herself; so far she is playing the game again.

  2. March 5th, 2019 at 6:16 pm
    Tommy Marx says:

    I have enjoyed some of her specials, but to be honest, I think her humor can be messier and less funny than she thinks it is. And while I despise the fake president, the decapitated head pictures just were confusing and irritating. I don’t agree with how she was treated as a result of those pictures; it was a “joke” that failed miserable, and I think there would have been a way to own that, to apologize without losing your credibility, but I get the impression that the ridiculously overblown backlash threw her for a loop. Regardless, Anderson and Kathy are adults, and it is what it is. I don’t think badly of Anderson for making the decisions he made, and I don’t think badly of Kathy for feeling hurt by those decisions, but it’s life. We’ve all lost friends because of poor decisions or just because sometimes things get much uglier than we expected, and you deal with the consequences.

    I will say that I truly with the best for Kathy. I may not be her biggest fan, but I am a fan, and I do truly feel like she got royally screwed over what was in essence a failed joke that wasn’t as much tastless as it was just completely confusing.

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