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Kathy Griffin is back – and she comes out swinging against Trump, Weinstein and ex-friend Anderson Cooper

Kathy Griffith is back!

And hooray for that!

The two-time Emmy winner surprised the audience at Sunday night’s Best in Drag benefit for Aid for AIDS at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. In her first public appearance in several months, Griffin took the stage wearing a Donald Trump mask. When she rook it off, the audience see her in closely-cropped hair. She had shaven her head a in solidarity with her sister who has since succumbed to cancer.

“Hello gays! It’s me, Kathy Griffin, a genuine comedy fugitive,” she told the crowd which included Dylan McDermott, Selma Blair, Holland Taylor, Marc Cherry and Debbie Allen. “Can you handle it?”

Kathy had been at the center of controversy and fired from her once-a-year NY Eve gig with CNN following the publication of a questionable image taken by button-pushing photographer Tyler Shields that saw her holding the faux severed head of Trump.

Well, she’s back and taking no prisoners including Anderson Cooper who publicly spoke out against his former friend at the height of the controversy then waited months to finally call her.

Here are some excerpts of what Kathy said in her return as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

On her Trump scandal: “I’m going to spill the fucking tea. I was part of an international scandal, under federal investigation for two months, my sister died, my dog died and my mother turned on me. My mother took [Fox News host] Sean Hannity’s side. She was a little drunk. She goes, ‘Kathleen, I was watching my Fox News and do you know not one of those guys took your side. Not once.’ I said, ‘Yes.’ I got letters from them saying they wanted to shoot me in my cunt.”

On sexual harassment scandal that on Sunday cost Harvey Weinstein his job: “The Weinstein thing is just fucking unbelievable but I’m not afraid to say anything because I don’t appear in movies ever and no one will ever put me in one,” she said. “That guy seems to be what’s called a rapist. I’m using it as a broad term. There’s a lot of them and they are everywhere. So it’s time we started to fucking look out for each other because this shit has been going on for way too long.”

Hate mail she got: One former fan wrote the following: “Go to hell, Kathy. You’re no different than Bill Cosby. You were my favorite female comedian. I was there at your show last January in San Diego. I died laughing. Now I hope you die…c—. You can forward these thoughts to your lover Snoop Dogg. I’m sad that your sister just died of cancer. I wish it was you. Fuck you up the ass with a red hot poker. Just like your precious friends on that filthy TV show Will & Grace who all fuck each other up the ass all day.”

On Anderson Cooper: “For some reason this gay sent me a letter and sent a copy to Anderson. It’s so heinous and so over-the-top horrible that I admit it made me laugh out loud,” she said of the man, who wrote to Cooper in support of Griffin. “Dear Anderson, from one homo to another, you’re a fickle faggot. Really? Not supporting and backing Kathy Griffin after she had your back for years. Even to talk about your cock-sucking in her comedy back when you were still a closeted queen. And another thing, Anderson: Homo rule 101, you always back your fag hag.”

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7 Remarks

  1. All anderson did was denounce the photoshoot because CNN was under incredible pressure and so was he. You know, like how Kathy posted a tearful apology after receiving one day of hate? And even though he was clearly upset with Kathy, he had the grace to keep his feelings about her private and be supportive publicly. Btw, Anderson did not follow Kathy on instagram. He said last year he only sees her once a year. He never talks about her at all. Kathy on the other hand has always pretended to be friends with him to sell her shoes and her books. And she is still doing that. She has been lashing out against him for months and he hasn’t said a word.

    Btw, reading out that letter was not funny or charming. She called anderson a fag. And you thought it was charming. For shame.

  2. Kathy is going to loose everything.

  3. @Larry-I disagree.

  4. Watched CNN on NYE for years and frankly got tired of the Kathy jokes. That was the only contact I had with her and not sorry she is gone. Rather see Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon all drunked up in New Orleans or Lady Champlain in Key West.

  5. Hey Ally, Anderson Cooper has sex with men, you might prefer this respected newsman and son of Gloria Vanderbilt be called a homosexual gentleman, but like the rest of us out and proud gays, he’s a fag. Larry needs to look up the difference between lose and loose.

    What Griffin did was tasteless and unfunny, but our esteemed leader has and continues to do much worse.

  6. I’m so glad Kathy Griffin is back! I LOVE HER!!!

  7. I think she’s catching too much flack at this point.

    Why is it okay that countless rightwing types got away with it without repercussion and now that it’s someone disagreeing it’s the end of the world? Stilldoesn’t make sense to me.

    OF course it doesn’t make sense that Nugent can dodge the draft, threaten to kill Obama, and so on without so much as a hand slap and still get support of Huckabee and all the rest while this ends a career. Just a sign of what’s off the rails in this country.

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