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Jussie Smiollett: mugshot

Jussie Smollett allegedly staged an attack to get a raise on the TV show Empire, police say.

You can read the latest developments in this story over at



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4 Remarks

  1. As much as I hate to say it…..I knew it…

    Very sad…very, very sad…all those wasted man-hours from the City of Chicago P.D…all those false accusations…the slandering of those kind of people he accused of this fake “hate” crime…he even gives Millennials a bad name (as if they need anymore of them)…all for a pay raise from some TV show.


    This liar can now kiss his ca-rear good-bye.

  2. Jussie-you have NO idea how much you have hurt the LGBTQ community (your own) and actual victims of hate crimes. And for what? Money?

    You should know better.

  3. Not so many tears in the mugshot. In all honesty, I don’t know who is worse: this Smollet guy, those who exploited his (very suspicious since the beginning) story for their own partisan or ideological convenience or the holier-than-thou mob who shamelessly insulted all of us (including and ESPECIALLY inside the LGBT community) for doubting or asking for more time until such stunning claim could be verified.
    IF we blame just this guy alone we are doom to repeat the error, as there was, there is and there will ALWAYS be liars (and let’s not even begin to think about how SOME actors are prone to… well, having a prolific imagination, being QUITE the hypocrites, but that’s another issue).
    IF we just blame those who exploited these kinds of stories for their own interests (whether political, ideological, winning points among those who love to feel righteous, etc.), we renounce to our responsibility on choosing those people who are prudent on their reports and who don’t hide behind partisan banners to (try at least) to tell the truth.
    IF we just blame the angry mob who is always thirsty for the blood that spills from the “rage culture” and the “victimism culture”, we may forget that, may be, once upon a time we were part of such crowd and that at one point we discovered the negative effects and the fallacies that seed those toxic “cultures”, that, to be fair, are quite addictive (and addictions are defined as such because they are harmful).
    Smollett could have got away with a lie had he walked the usual path some others do: put his victim story years (even decades) ago, justify the lack of evidence of the event hiding under the cover of fear, prejudice and ignorance, and paint himself currently as the newborn hero that his past needed (not denying this things sometimes occur, but the more we advance in time the less likely all of those boxes are easy to check, as the cultural change already began a while ago as to know better). Now I don’t even know if this guy is gay. Not like it matters (I mean, liars have no exclusive “community”).

  4. Another entitled celebrity with a misguided foresight…but no hindsight. Sad!

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