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Judge Judy talks about Grindr with gay defendant

Can you imagine anything more awkward than talking to Judge Judy about Grindr?

I’d rather wear cactus shorts!

Anyway, the sharp-tongued judge was asked to settle a dispute between a 47-year-old man who was suing a 23-year-old ‘friend’ for unpaid loans.

The younger man, Aaron Murphy, claimed the money was a gift and that the man wanted it back after he spurned his advances.

But that’s not the interesting part. That came when the judge asked Murphy how they met.

‘Um, we met on a, um … social website,’ Murphy explained. ‘It’s actually called Grindr. … It’s an app for your phone or your iPad. It’s a social app that tells you where homosexual males are and their proximity to where you are.’

The judge then asked: ‘Mr. Murphy, so, what you’re telling me, sir, is you went on this website in order to find someone who had the same sexual predisposition you did?’

Murphy then tried to say this with a straight face: ‘Um, no, actually, it was just to make friends.’

The always blunt judge replied: ‘If I was looking just to make friends, I wouldn’t go on a website that said it’s just for little, old Jewish ladies. I would try to expand my horizons a little bit, do you understand, Mr. Murphy?’

Despite the lecture, Murphy came out the winner and the case against him was dismissed.

She told the older man that Murphy was an ‘inappropriate social companion’ for him and that he should want to go with someone ‘who is at least out of school.’

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One Remark

  1. July 2nd, 2014 at 12:21 pm
    K. Martinez says:

    Judge Judy cuts right to the chase as usual. This show is entertaining just to watch losers make fools of themselves on national television and these two guys fit the bill. The 23 year old Murphy was obviously a total user and needed his ass kicked by Judge Judy and the 47 year old plaintiff was a fool for even loaning the money to him. What did he expect from an immature kid? Too bad Judge Joe Brown isn’t still on. These two guys could definitely use some man-training.

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