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“The Bachelor” learns about LGBT families: “The reality is I have no problem with same-sex couples who want to be parents”

Juan Pablo Galavis is speaking out after meeting with some LGBTI families during his apology tour.

The current star of ABC’s The Bachelor suffered massive backlash last month when he told a reporter that he did not think there should ever be a gay version of The Bachelor and that such a show would not set a good example for kids.

‘I never meant to criticize the idea of ​​gay people,’ he tells People En Espanol in an interview translated by GLAAD for

‘The reality is I have no problem with same-sex couples who want to be parents. I’m a father and so I know how it feels, I definitely want my gay friends to have that feeling,’ Galavis adds. ‘Watching the way so many of my friends treat my daughter Camila – like family – I can see how much my gay friends want to be parents — and how good they will be at it.’

He also says: ‘If Camila happens to be gay when she grows up, I will respect her, support her and love her the same as I do now.’

Brazilian-born Galavis had initially blamed his comments partially on English being his second language. He had characterized gays as being ‘more pervert.’

ABC was quick to slam Galavis for his comments and ratings for the long-running reality series have not suffered since the controversy.

The entire episode has given him greater understanding on the LGBTI community and the verbal and physical attacks they sometimes suffer because of bigotry.

‘I wish, of course, it had not come about the way it did, but I’m glad that this situation can be an opportunity to help people accept and respect the LGBT community,’ he says.

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3 Remarks

  1. And backtrack backtrack backtrack.

  2. Too late.

  3. It’s funny because he is a Latin Male and throughout my 41 years on this planet being gay, being Black and being proud, I have found that Latin men would be the guys that had that extra macho side in public but super-sweet privately. I was schooled by a elderly gentleman who was well traveled in his younger days. He would travel to many Latin countries and the stories of his trysts with several Latin men would be legendary, can I say ‘book-worthy’without seeming so judgmental or talking out-of-school. He basically told me that even when you see the macho of macho men in these countries, those were the guys that would end up approaching him later on and wanting more than to be his tour guide. It’s strange to even think about because here in United States, that kind of thing happens regularly and I’m not writing this to be writing this, it’s the honest to God truth.
    As much as this new bachelor is all man or this alleged ladies man in front of the camera, something tells me there is another side or some gentlemen who are in his closet. This guys are just waiting to tell a few tales to the tabloids. Guys can be attractive as he is and even super metro-sexual as he is as well but when they are coming out against something that they claim to have knowledge of, it seems a bit strange. I give it a few weeks and there will be a few guys telling a different story about this new bachelor. He might be right as far as prime time TV ready to fully embrace a gay bachelor but who would ever think that shows like ‘Drag Race’ or even Will and Grace would be show that have been viewed by masses and accepted. I have finally learned in 2014, that everyone has to just accept things they know nothing about. If none of the networks will pick up a show with a gay man looking for love, go to the next best thing, LOGO,Bravo or do a web series. There was an uproar about show ‘Kinky Boots’ on the Thanksgiving Macy day parade.

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