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Johnny Weir’s OUT interview: “I don’t believe in a purely gay person or a purely straight person.” meeting Johnny Weir at the GLAAD Media Awards a few months back, I have to say I became completely smitten with him.

This three-time US figure skating champion and 2010 Olympian is a total original who had to put up with some ridiculous comments from supposedly grown men because he marches to his own drummer.

Johnny talks to Out Magazine about his sexuality, his style and his “frenemy” Evan Lysacek. Here are some excerpts:

On his sexuality: I’ve always been comfortable with who I am. When it comes to my sexuality, I just finished the chapter in my book [to be released in January] about my sexuality and my idea of it. I haven’t discussed it — not because I’m ashamed of anything you’ll read about when my book comes out — I just don’t want to put it out there in a way where someone can twist my words. While I don’t believe in masculinity and femininity, I don’t believe in a purely gay person or a purely straight person. I have a very clear opinion of my own sexuality. I’m not saying anything about my sexuality because I want it to be out there in my own words.

On masculinity: To me masculinity and femininity are nothing. I don’t believe in them being real adjectives. You can say someone is tall or someone is short. You can’t say someone is masculine or feminine. Of course when you think of a masculine person — at least in America — we think of a football player or Marlon Brando. For feminine we think of Nicole Kidman. For me, you can make anything masculine and you can make anything feminine. We have so many beautiful drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race that are so much more ladylike and beautiful than lots of women we know. Then there are lots of lesbians who look like beautiful boys. They are masculine in every way even though they are women.

On Evan Lysacek: It’s no secret that Evan and I aren’t the closest of frenemies. The feuds are often press-made, but the most recent squabble we had was Evan saying I wasn’t good enough to be on a skating tour that he was on. That’s ridiculous. He’s easy for people to wrap their heads around. He’s easy to put on a Wheaties box or on Dancing With the Stars. He’s the great American Olympic champion. While he’s considered this all-American boy, I’m considered like this Russian spy ring that just got caught.



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6 Remarks

  1. Evan is HOT in that picture!

  2. I’m sorry but this guy is just freaking Odd.

  3. Why are people so scared to identify themselves as gay. I have heard it all before this I am not going to label myself gay or straight. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. I love the costume he is wearing in the picture with Evan. It is one of my favorites. This article illustrates something that many reporters, journalists and others find out; meet JOhnny Weir one on one and forget what you may have heard and think you know, and you will likely BE smitten or find out you really like him. It happens all the time with JOhnny Weir.

    As far as why people are afraid to identify themselves as gay; well, it shouldn’t take much to figure out why. I don’t at all have a problem with how JOhnny Weir discusses or does not discuss his sexuality. His business, not mine; and I think he is completely right about trying to control the message so what he says isn’t misconstrued or twisted because it’s taken out of context. More power to him, as far as I am concerned.

  5. I like him. Can’t help it – he says what he thinks, and sticks to what he believes – even when it brings him discomfort. And I have to say – I think just about everyone wants him to just come out already….so to stick to his guns and want things to be done in his own way – I do respect it. Even though I’m one of ‘em who wants him to hurry up and come out already, lol!

  6. Perhaps Mr. Weir does not identify himself as gay because he’s not, exactly. Perhaps he is bi, or pansexual…. for example. Personally, I don’t care.

    I love, love his skating, his humor, his sweetness and his show. I look forward to all of the ways in which his considerable creative genius will manifest itself.

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