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Johnny Weir speaks out about divorce: “I was losing myself by being married to my husband”

The latest breathless update in the Johnny Weir-Victor Voronov divorce story:

Johnny has given what he vows will be his only interview about what he describes as ‘a very threatening marriage.’

‘I’ve been having a tough time at home for a long time now and it’s something that I’ve kept from the public,’ Weir told Access Hollywood earlier today.

The three-time US figure skating champion announced the split from his husband of just over two years on Twitter on Wednesday.

‘I was losing myself by being married to my husband,’ he said. ‘I was losing my objectives in life. I was very isolated from the world. He was not super accepting of the fact I work and I have to work this week in Russia, this week in Los Angeles, next week in Tokyo and that’s something that’s hard to wrap your head around.’

Weir worked as a commentator for NBC Sports during the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, last month and recently was a fashion correspondent during the Academy Awards for Access Hollywood.

‘I had to travel to work, to support myself and support my family,’ Weir said.

Meanwhile, he says Voronov was not working despite having a law degree.

‘I was supporting two people and whether it seems like a big deal or not, I come from a lower middle class family that has had to work no matter what. If you can’t be an attorney this week, then you better go get a job next week, otherwise the bills won’t get paid.’

Voronov has claimed that he was blindsided by Weir’s announcement this week and that his husband had filed for divorce months ago.

TMZ reports that the divorce papers were filed on 12 February.

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8 Remarks

  1. The sooner he’s out of the public eye the better. I feel like all of his flash and drama hurts our acceptance rather than furthers it. I feel badly for Victor in having to deal with this glittered hurricane at this point.

  2. This is so sad all around.
    Maybe Johnny is not meant to be married.
    Victor definitely looks like husband material.
    Too bad I’m taken.
    Who am I kidding? He’s out of my league.

  3. Does Johnny not know what marriage is?

  4. For the purpose of keeping gay marriage in a positive light would it not be a better idea to keep them within your own home? Why would someone with such a large public image come forth and reveal such information.
    It appears while their marriage has been dissolved for a few months now, his husband did not voice their personal business for all to see. I think Mr. Weir would have been a better person to have followed his lead, instead he aired their personal business for all to see and for all to comment upon. Did we really need to know his husband was an attorney and had not been working?
    While many of us are fighting for marriage equality, we will now begin seeing this type of bitchy, gossipy ‘news articles’ coming to the surface. This will only serve to give those who do not approve of not only gay marriage, but gays as a whole all the ammunition they need to keep this controversial subject going. One step forward, ten steps back.
    As non judgmental as I try to be, I am not at all happy with Weir seeking publicity for something that should have remained private.

  5. OK Johnny, let’s hear your rendition of Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Then exit.

  6. “Losing myself…my objectives”?? Surly Weir didn’t show it during two weeks of enticing an arrest from the fashion police with Olympic pal Tara Lipinski.

  7. Enough about Johnny. Time to move on to more deserving subjects and persons.

  8. I agree with what everyone has said in this forum. 110% How Johnny Weir turned into Johnny “Weird” is a private matter. Welcome to the dark side of gay marriage or gay relationships. On one side they’re the most lovable people in the world, on the other, they are some of the bitchiest, most evil queens on the planet. They should have dealt with these issues months ago rather than let them fester. I feel sorry for Victor though. Not only is Johnny coming across as an ICE QUEEN (no pun intended) – but sleeping around with porn stars, putting work before marriage constantly and beating and biting the poor husband? He’s a sociopath. I would run the other way so fast, I’d never turnaround to look back. Victor is very attractive in a manly way. He needs his self-esteem back and, am certain, will find someone better and more deserving of him in a matter of minutes. It’s Weird’s loss.

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