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Johnny Weir opens up about his ‘terrible divorce’ from Victor Voronov: ‘I fled from that situation’

Champion figure skater Johnny Weir is speaking out about his ‘terrible divorce’ from Victor Voronov in 2014.

Voronov had gone on the syndicated US show Inside Edition and accused Weir of a host of things from biting him to marrying him to provide fodder for a reality show.

‘In those situations a lot of things get said and being a public person, there are things you can’t fix – you can’t publicly say that that’s not true,’ Weir says on the latest episode of the E! Entertainment series Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

‘There’s so little that people actually know about that period of my life because I wasn’t sharing it with the whole world. It was a very difficult time for me to sit and not stick up for myself and not say anything.’

Voronov had hinted that Weir, a three-time US national champion, suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

‘He vacuums four times a day. If I step on the carpet and ruin the lines in the carpet, I get yelled at. He fluffs the couch. If I sit on it, I get yelled at,’ he said on Inside Edition.

He also claimed Weir has about 200 furs and turned one of the bedrooms in their apartment into a giant closet to store those as well as 1,400 pairs of shoes.

Now 32, Weir says it’s difficult for him to think about another relationship.

‘I had a terrible divorce and I fled from that situation,’ he says.

‘So I’m always kind of thinking, “Oh how nice it would be to be with someone” and then I stop myself because that could happen again. It’s very, very hard.’

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3 Remarks

  1. I know on an intellectual level that I shouldn’t care how he behaves or about the things he does. I’m just not there otherwise.

    I find him to be an embarrassment to the community. He is THE embodiment of the vapid, inane, stereotypical flamboyant gay guy who thrives on drama and shallowness. He needs therapy, lots of therapy. He leaves a path of emotional disturbance behind him everywhere he goes it seems.

  2. June 28th, 2017 at 9:03 am
    Paul Gilbert says:

    Beautifully said, Chip. Bravo!

  3. Whenever I see people getting nasty and loud about their exes, I get to think that there is some deep truth in the old saying that goes: “birds of (the same) feather fly together”. All the faults you tell others about your ex must have been whether evident or at least greatly hinted before you decided to be with that person. And if you didn’t saw them, then there is a big burden on your side to analyze what are your own problems that you whether accepted such person or could not see the red flags (or even why you thought that you could cope with them or “fix” them). Love sometimes make you almost blind but if you were completely blind, maybe there is something about your character that need to be addressed. Human relationships are problematic but are even worse when people don’t get along with themselves (if you can’t love yourself, the real you, then demanding another person to provide what you lack for yourself…).

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