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John Driscoll: Young and the Restless actor talks about his character’s sexuality and gay dad’s Soapside column includes a really good interview with actor John Driscoll who recently joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in the role of Phillip Chancellor IV.

Since very little is known about the character who calls himself “Chance,” there has been all kinds of speculation – including some that he may be gay. To that Driscoll said:  Is he gay, straight, what’s the deal? I thought, You know what? If it’s going to play that’s way, that’s OK. As an actor you are always looking for the next challenge, and I don’t find anything taboo behind it. I played a gay character before on a short-lived series called The Book of Daniel … I actually worked opposite Christian Campbell, formerly of All My Children, where he played Bobby Warner. We had this romance on the show, and if the series had not been canceled, you would have seen the budding relationship between our two characters. It was really funny doing double duty while I was doing Guiding Light. During the day I was having bedroom sexual scenes with a female, and then at night on set in bed with a man. It was crazy. I needed a couple of drinks!”

His biological father Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz) came out to the son he abandoned on Thursday’s episode of the soap: “First off, it’s a great story. I think it would be a lot more emotional between the two characters if they had more history and something to pull from like, ‘How can you lie to me?’ But there hasn’t. So you can’t play the betrayal just yet. So he is gay, OK. But if he hurt Nina, Chance’s mom, that is when he would get upset.”



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  1. Today I think John Driscoll:Young And The Restless actor talks about his character’s sexuality and gay dad.

  2. john driscoll > god bless u > i need you to stay so i can watch you on the young ^ restless < < < you always can found yourself a true gal < on young ^ restless < i still remember you on guiding light <
    jeep the good work < < < on young ^ restless < please stay < or i stop watch it all to qthers <

  3. please, please , please don’t let the powers that be kill off John’s character Chance, he is a great actor, and has great chemistry with nina, chloe, and kay. It’s great to see a male character who actually has a moral compass.

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