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“Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” hits theaters today; She talks to AfterElton about that and more!

My weekend is pretty packed with LA Gay Pride events otherwise I’d be in a movie theater taking in Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.

Can’t wait to see this new documentary which follows Joan Rivers, who turned 77 a few days ago, all around during her 75th year.

She’s a busy woman and a real force of nature so it should be very interesting and entertaining.

Brent Hartinger talked to Joan for and writes that Miss River is “a jumble of contradictions: insecure, yet unflappable; heartless, yet compassionate; funny in her act, but completely serious about her profession. She leads a ridiculously lavish lifestyle, but still regularly hones her act in dingy, small New York nightclubs, delivering some of the funniest, frankest material of her career.”

Brent asks Joan why it is that she has connected with gay men from the very early days of her career in Greenwich Village: “I just think that gay men and I love the same things, and how lucky for me,” she says. “And all my friends, I look around my table … I’m having 12 people to dinner and there’ll probably be two straight couples, and me, and seven gay men.”

Go to to read the entire piece. It’s really good!



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2 Remarks

  1. i have loved joan rivers humor every time i have had the opportunity to watch and hear her. she and her daughter melissa are brilliant. she earned the money to spend it the way she wants. if we could be as smart and witty as she is, maybe we could be as well off as she.

  2. Whirlwind, phenomenal and a wonder that only hits the planet every so often. Joan is any womans inspiration and her as a whole provides a sense of strength to many of us. Joan has the tenacity to achieve anything she appears to set her mind to.
    Can we talk funny ok Im 56 Ive followed her since she appeared on Johnny Carson with her live act. She has elevated herself into a sphere that allows her to reach the pinacle of who she is. Mother, Grandmother, widow, entertainer and businesswoman.
    This brassy one man team has been literally pushing us out of our seats because we cant physically contain our reactions to the laughter we experiance when she entertains.
    Can we talk about the 77 years old thing? I dont care if she has a tune up every other day. She is beautiful enough to still at 77 create male whip lash.
    How can a woman so brilliant and so entertaining make me feel like I could have a cup of coffee with her and laugh at some poor victims disturbing ensemble. Of course there is more to Joan. weathly yes, becoming wealthier possibly a big possible. I have a sense of she will still just be Joan the beautiful comedian on the Carson show (before the plastic sugery she is fond of joking about) she will still be Joan with more than a few jokes that are not fluff as fashion. Just ask Joan shes going to tell you the truth, it make set you into hysterics but isnt that Joan?
    Oh and how intelligent is this woman I think her apptitude is in the realm of the Joy Foster and Sharon Stones of this world. Smart girl that Joan.

    Lastly I thank Joan personally for bringing forth and leaving the world with the beautiful piece of her that daughter yes I adore Melissa. Now more to be blessed for that perfect piece of heaven her Grandson.

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