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Jeffrey Tambor quits Emmy winning role – cites ‘the politicized atmosphere’ of the set of ‘Transparent’

Facing two accusations of sexual harassment by members of the Transparent team that he has strongly denied, Jeffrey Tambor today has decided not to return to the Amazon series.

“Playing Maura Pfefferman on Transparent has been one of the greatest privileges and creative experiences of my life,” the Emmy winning actor said in a statement. “What has become clear over the past weeks, however, is that this is no longer the job I signed up for four years ago.”

“I’ve already made clear my deep regret if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being aggressive, but the idea that I would deliberately harass anyone is simply and utterly untrue,” Tambor added. “Given the politicized atmosphere that seems to have afflicted our set, I don’t see how I can return to Transparent.”

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  1. I know this is going to be the longest post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I seem as though I’m a bit ‘out-of-touch’ at times of what is going on in the world but in my honest opinion, I feel most of these allegations are against older men of all colors, shape, sizes and sexual orientation.
    Older women please don’t feel too safe because the allegations are coming for YOU real soon because it’s an equal opportunity in the land of attempting to tear someone down. I’m such an ‘encourageable flirt’ and since I spend some time working in jobs that I was around the public constantly, I had my share and successful and unsuccessful times of flirting with guys way-too-young-for-me-to-even-imagine-what-to-do ( I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them) and even guys that could be my Father’s Father (RIP) where they probably weren’t sure if I was even there in their presence’s because they were way-ahead-of-all-the-corniness that takes place when your just trying to be nice and give someone a compliment.
    Joking/seriously might seem to be a better way of describing my flirting and most people that do it feel the same way I do.

    I had my share of moments at parties and events where I might have been a bit ‘too turned-up’ or ‘too lit’ (the younger set loves this word) and I might have come across as this very out-of-control-old-guy. Let us just state how I ‘pre-gamed’ in the car or before I got there but I know that my intent was never to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Now with that written, I know that a few ‘younger guys’ and a few ‘older guys’ (a bit older than I, 44 and still FABULOUS, FINE, & OH-so FRESH!!!!!!!!!!) have put some moves on me knowing that I was a bit ‘intoxicated-out-of-my mind’ and it wasn’t something that I felt any kind of way about either way.
    I come from “The Old School” (Da’ Old Skool) where if someone made it a point to compliment YOU and even buy you a drink, it’s polite to have a conversation and at least try to get to know them.
    Now if they aren’t your ‘Cup of Tea’ then there are polite ways to let someone down easy and one that always works is: “I’m seeing someone right now!” and, “My cell is working at this moment but give me your number and possibly we can go out and have coffee!!!!!”
    I have been rejected plenty of times, and there were a few guys that I didn’t want to waste their time or mine by pretending there was a chance that something could happen between the two of us. Some guys heard a few things about ‘YOURS TRULY’ (some true, some made-up, and some just people talking to keep something going) and there were a few that figured that it would be this ‘easy win’ or I was “EASY”. You know I can admit how a few of these fellows came on ‘real strong’, and very ‘handsy’ and I had to do what I do best and that is stroke their ego just a bit.
    I didn’t wait years later or even a few days later to bash them or talk bad about them because sometimes people are drunk or even ‘high’ (We live in this new age of drug use being acceptable) and not really themselves and have no idea what they were doing.
    Now if I ran into someone that can’t even recall meeting me and if they didn’t want to have ‘That Conversation’, then I don’t either.
    There were a few times that I was on the ‘Hot Seat’ and all I can state is how it feels so bad like you can’t imagine having someone accuse you of something you didn’t mean to do or say. I know it seems so unfair all-around and for all parties involved but what is happening now is how most people now want this audience to cheer them on with their claims. I don’t blame them but there are times situations are taking out-of-context and everyone recollection is always going to be different.

    Even when I play the ‘Social Butterfly’, I’m so much of a ‘home-body’ and rather be watching ‘Will & Grace’ reruns, trying to download ‘Noah’s Arc’, watching ‘The Golden Girls’ or having a TCM night with a glass of something cold and strong. Being OUT & ABOUT is already extremely stressful at times and now worrying if you did something “off-color” to someone two or three days later is insane.
    I have come to realize that it’s coming to this point that anyone you have a conversation with, you might have to have an Affidavit on hand to clear yourself later on because having a simple, short, and sweet chat with someone can land you in hot water.
    You mean to tell me that you can’t compliment someone on how attractive they are or tell someone that you like something they are wearing???????
    “Jason Momoa” (He is Lisa Bonet, who is still FABULOUS, Husband, and Father of her babies/children), I literally want to take ‘whip-cream’ and pour all over his body but I want to lick every inch of this ‘dairy product’ off of him and I’m “Lactose Intolerant” where I could die but I would take that chance.
    You don’t think if I ever met him or have the opportunity to work with him (I’m in the business sort of..jajajajajajaja) that I wouldn’t tell the soon-to-be-AQUA-MAN (His movie comes out in 2018…You know I should be his PR man or his PTL: “PART TIME LOVER”!!!! Sorry Lisa, LOVE YOU GRRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!!!) all this information that sometimes has me kissing his new ‘Men’s Health’ cover, if I had the chance?!?!? Okay possibly he might slug me or curse me out but in my sometimes-warped-mind, it might be worth it.

    In Jeffrey’s case, I feel bad but I always feel that sometimes when an opportunity goes from ‘sweet’ to ‘sour’, it might be good to move on and do something even better. You made this mark, this dent that can never be erased or denied and YOU help give voice to a marginalized group of beautiful people, THE TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY. Even with YOU not being ‘Trans’ you helped start this dialogue on so many levels and sometimes it seemed as though you were being attacked but with dignity, and grace, when you were being rewarded with accolades from your fellow peers in the industry, you always made it a point to share your little victories with this community of people that are forgotten and sometimes the ‘Scapegoats of Our New Society’ (SONS).
    Don’t be minority, older and Trans, that is entirely another topic but LGTBQ community has been ‘SONS’ but the ‘Transgender’ is a word that is at least mentioned every 1 hour on some news media and it used to not be so good but thanks to a show like; “TRANSPARENT” and so many Trans people who are making their voices heard on social media, you can’t deny the idea of Transgender in the year 2017 & Beyond!!!!!!!!

    Personally, I have been accused or told to ‘simmer down’ at times with my out-of-control-flirting because where I find it to be ‘harmless’ and trust me this was me being mild, there were people that had something to say and most of the time it wasn’t good. Sometimes I didn’t have to say a single thing and I was now being accused of something. “I don’t like how he looks at me?” would be something I heard once and this was from someone that I didn’t even think twice because he wasn’t my ‘CUP OF TEA’ but I was never disrespectful in any way but I would get called out.
    There is a ‘Catch 22′ because if there is a group of guys that know I like guys but I’m not attempting to flirt with them or one out of the bunch isn’t a guy that I’m checking for, there can be trouble. I’m liking everyone but these one guy and now he is feeling some kind of way and letting it be known and not nice about it. You have to flirt with everyone but don’t flirt too much because there would be some people that feel you’re forcing your lifestyle on them. “Wow, I really like your shirt!!!!!!!” “You got your haircut? It looks nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Channing Tatum, better watches his back!!!!” Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I worked at a restaurant, I would somehow get stuck with a table full of ‘young guys’ and I’m about ‘MY BAG’ (my money) and I wanted to be known as a force to be reckoned with as far as being THE BEST!!!!!!!! There wasn’t anyone who was going to come in contact with ME that wasn’t going to feel some kind of love, some kind of genuine kindness jumping from my soul.
    I have to shame the devil and tell my truth and that is I would do whatever it takes to make my money.
    I would incorporate other servers, especially the cute, young girls that I was so lucky to work aside of and especially when I had tables of guys that were about wings, beer, and girls.
    I would always refer to these guys as ‘good-looking’, ‘handsome’ or if there was any hot actor of the time, you know ‘The IT Guys’, I would always throw in a reference of these guys being HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!! “Alright George Clooney, what can I get YOU to drink????” “Damn, I thought I was serving Ryan Gosling, for a hot minute!!!!!!” It didn’t just stop with the ‘GUYS’ because no one was safe with my flirting. I have called too many women Janet, Beyonce, Madonna, and young girls love the ‘Britney references’.

    Kids weren’t safe because telling someone’s kid how they are going to have a ‘DISNEY SHOW’ one day and how I wanted to be their manager or agent seemed like something that not only boosted their esteem but their parents would start seeking ME out every time they came to my place of employment.
    Most if not everything that came out of my mouth was my word and my truth and I was lying for profit or gassing someone up because I felt that would give me a ‘bigger tip’. I was trying my best to be encouraging, and being supportive of others, and flirting just a little bit but if someone was to later come back to me and check me for it because they are feeling some kind of way: “WHAT COULD I REALLY DO?”

    Once I was told by one of many of my bosses that someone reported ME about ‘hugging’ and I’m such a ‘huggy-kind-of-guy’ and been for as long as I can remember it never dawned on me that maybe everyone isn’t like me. “My bad!!!!!!!”
    It was strange when I was called in the office about it and I was so careful and ducking hugs from people after that moment that I always made up an excuse that I was sick or had the flu.
    You know I felt so violated because before I can open my arm’s ‘wide open’, there was already someone in need of some love with their arm’s wide open. It’s funny how I just thought of the group ‘Creed’ and their song “Arm’s Wide Open”. Damn, even worse is how I just thought of ‘Scott Stamp’, he was so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! See I can’t help it I just love people and I really like and I mean really, really, really like guys a great deal.
    Do I give up flirting, which I have come to mastering or do I just ‘chill-out’ because, like most, it might come back to bite me in the butt one day?????!!!!!!????

  2. How unfortunate. I loved him in “Transparent”.

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