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Jane Lynch and other “Glee” cast members talk to Greg In Hollywood about last week’s suicide episode

Last week’s winter finale of Glee was a deeply dramatic one as former bully Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) gets bullied himself.

Karofsky, who is coming to terms with being gay, once bullied Kurt (Chris Colfer) so badly that Kurt switched schools for awhile.

But the big, strong football player was unable to endure such bullying himself and tried to kill himself.

Kurt visits him in the hospital and tries to help him realize that life is worth living.

I talked about the episode and its impact with several Glee cast members who attended opening night of Monty Python’s Spamalot in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Jane Lynch is proud of the show’s writers for their willingness to tackle tough issues of the day.

‘I love what they are doing – they are being bold,’ Lynch said. ‘That’s what I love about [creator and producer] Ryan Murphy. He says, ‘Oh, this is going on? We need to address this.’ That’s what I love about him and what I love about our show.’

Iqbal Teba plays Principal Figgins on the show and supports telling some of the darker stories: ‘There are kids who are dealing with things like this every day. Back in the day, most people wouldn’t even want to discuss it. So now, we actually have a show that’s watched by millions and millions of people all over the world and it will start a conversation. And that’s what you need.’

Theba said he knows these kinds if episodes are resonating with young viewers who can benefit from them the most: ‘I see them almost every day when you go out and I see the reaction. They love it. It’s just a joy to be on a show like that.’

Josh Sussman plays newspaper editor Jacob Ben Isreal on the show and said he was deeply moved by the Karofsky episode and hopes others were too.

‘In the news that past couple of years, there’s been so many tragic stories of gay kids who committed suicide and were in the closet,’ he said. ‘This really dealt with that story having a football jock who is very closeted and very tormented with very intolerant parents.’

‘When he’s outed, he deals with the bullies at school then he goes home to his Facebook page where there’s all sorts of cyber bullying. I think the show showed that killing yourself isn’t the answer. It’s so great that the show is really going into those storylines. It’s so topical right now.’



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