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Time for some “Girl Talk!” The debut of Lesley Goldberg’s new weekly column for Greg In Hollywood!

Welcome to Girl Talk!

Yes, I know Greg in Hollywood does the boys proud, but don’tcha think it’s about time the lesbians got some love, too? No? Well, you’re still reading this so I’m going to vote yes! Stick with me, guys, this is going to be fun!

So what is this “this” I’m talking about? It’s Greg in Hollywood’s new weekly Girl Talk column, of course!

Greg has been kind enough to let me sublet some space on his page every week to rant and rave about people of interest to the ladies, and I promised him I’d be funny — or at least sarcastic to the point of wit.

You be the judge!

First, can we have had a better week, ladies? Prop. 8 was overturned in California (Yay gay!) and “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that our favorite pinkie-holding cheerleaders on “Glee” will indeed lock lips during Season 2. I think the gayest show on TV just got a little gayer.

Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, now that they’ve been upped to regulars for Season 2 will see meatier story lines and Murphy also revealed that they’ll even kiss multiple times and it won’t be stunty. That it’s not a ratings stunt for sweeps or as a method for which write in a special guest star or have a “very special episode” type of story is news in and of itself. I, for one, can’t wait!

rosie Rosie ODonnell to launch talk show on Oprahs net

Second, Rosie O’Donnell is back on the air — and teaming with Oprah Winfrey to host bring her new daytime talker to the upstart OWN Network. Holy power players, Wonder Woman! I can’t even begin to imagine what happens when Oprah hits Rosie’s couch and the two start gabbing.

Any guesses when Tom Cruise will appear or when Rosie will launch her own — see what I did there, OWN! — book club? Either way, OWN already is shaping up to be a network unlike, oh wait, there’s already a Lifetime. And Oxygen. Never mind me, but welcome back Ro! It’s nice to have another gay lady on the airwaves. Just don’t schedule your show opposite Ellen DeGeneres and make me pick, because that’s a ratings fight you just won’t win, no matter how many Emmys you already have.

Third, in a shameless bit of self-promotion (not that this column isn’t already accomplishing that!), I was fortunate to land an interview with Grey’s Anatomy super babe Jessica Capshaw!

calliearizonakiss1_small.jpg image by mel_eurout

Me and the very pregnant and completely radiant woman who portrays Dr. Arizona Robbins face to face at ABC’s TCA day. We talked about what’s coming up next for primetime’s favorite lesbian couple, The Kids Are All Right (she vows to see it!) and I basically tried to hold my own as she said all the right things when it comes to why lesbian visibility matters and why it’s important for Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona to fight from time to time — it’s called drama for a reason!

Last but certainly not least, it was a “very special episode” of The Real L Word this week. Yep, the one Showtime teased after the premiere — the strap-on episode. There was a boob. There was a toy. There were two incidents with two different girls.

Oh Whitney. I don’t even know where to begin. Or what to say. Honestly, I can’t say anything because I’m still mortified at having actually seen the episode. Instead, check out the best recaps known to lesbians over on Money quote: “Scarlett suggests a glitter dildo.

Oh honey, no. She’s going to have sex with Tor, not Lady Gaga.” Oh yeah, Whit and the gang played paintball too.

Come back next week for more Girl Talk!

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7 Remarks

  1. Yay for this column! I love how the LGBT community is coming together more than ever in the wake of equality showing its beautiful face on the horizon. Now, how about next week shining the spotlight at other faces that might make a huge difference if they came out: Queen Latifah, for example, is a radiant specimen. Lookie:


  2. Thanks, Ulmer, for breaking my comment cherry! I hear you about Queer Latifah! File her under “N” for Not Fooling Anyone!

  3. 1) I’m not a devout Glee disciple, but the promise of some Brittana action is enough to make me sit through all the jazz hands. I should be ashamed at how easy I am, but….nope.

    2) I may whine, but I actually love the Callie/Arizona drama. As long as it’s between them and about relevant things (which it is), I’m all for it. Keeps it entertaining. So jealous you got to throw some questions at Dr. Dimples – good ones, by the way.

    3) I wish I could bleach my brain of the visual memory of seeing Whitney and Romi having sex. Whitney really brings secondhand embarrassment to new, undiscovered levels.

  4. Cool! Good move Greg adding another voice to an already inclusive blog. Welcome aboard Lesley:)

  5. Greg in Hollywood just got even funner to read. Thank you Greg, and welcome Lesley.

  6. Kudos, Greg, for adding this new feature! Welcome, Lesley!

  7. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Currently working on this week’s Girl Talk and am super stoked to be on Team Greg!

    Oh and Dani: Dr. Dimples! Love that! And just when I think “Glee” is too much, they have one of the “on again” episodes that get me to sit through the “not so much” ones. And prepare yourself for Sunday’s Real L Word finale — it’s Dinah Shore! Zoikes!

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