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It’s now called the Los Angeles LGBT Center – read all about the ambitious expansion plans

This is very exciting news!

The Los Angeles LGBT Center (note the new name!) launched a $25 million campaign today to develop a revolutionary campus with affordable housing for youth and seniors.

Longtime supporter Lily Tomlin joined center CEO Lorri L. Jean at a press conference announcing the plans.

‘The Center has always risen to the occasion for our community – relentlessly finding ways to build the health and strength of LGBT people when few others had the interest or ability to do so,’ Jean said.

‘Now that the demand for services and housing for LGBT youth and seniors is acute, it’s time for us to step up again.’

The center, which claims to be the world’s largest provider of programs and services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, plans t0 double its number of beds for homeless LGBT youth to 100.

The center’s beds for homeless youth are always full because Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations for homeless LGBT youth. Of the 6,000 youth living on the streets of Los Angeles, 20% are LGBT.

The expansion will also provide more than 100 units of affordable housing for low-income seniors and young adults and create a new senior center, among other additions.

The center points out that LGBT seniors are four times less likely than their heterosexual counterparts to have children or grandchildren to care for them, more likely to be poor, and often encounter discrimination in traditional senior facilities.

The project is expected to break ground in 2016 with construction taking two years.

The press conference took place on the same day that the center, formerly known as the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, officially changed its name and logo to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


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One Remark

  1. I am so disgusted with the city of Los Angeles and the center. I have worked as a volunteer at the gay and lesbian center which I think does not do the best job of utilizing volunteers (free labor). I’m young, college educated and available in the afternoon so use me to my potential but it falls on deaf ears. I usually have to beg to get volunteer work there (and I’m not nearly the only one) and often times they just want free labor at fundraisers.

    The city of Los Angeles sickens me. They know there are over 6000 underage children on the streets of L.A. and they do nothing about it. What is the celebration that there will be 100 beds? This is a drop in the bucket. These kids are selling themselves on the streets to old disgusting guys just to have money to eat and are most time sleeping in the streets at night. Is this right? Hell no! We need to protect kids. These kids are not being given a chance at life. They are not being educated and they are not be given a home. WHERE IS CHILD SERVICES??? I’ve met some of these kids. They are sweet loving kids who didn’t run away because they wanted to, they were kicked out because they were gay and ran to a big city. I hope some way, some how someone of importance sees this and does something. It would take a miracle.

    I have single handedly tried to get officials to take notice but I am one person trying to get my voice heard. I hope someday I’m a very, very rich man who will happily help these kids. I don’t need a mansion or fancy cars, I just want to help these wonderful helpless kids. Life on this planet is very brief. The best thing you can leave behind is to have made a difference in this world and to have left it a better place.

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