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Isaiah Washington is candid and outspoken at Outfest screening of Spike Lee’s “Get On the Bus”

Somehow, I’d never seen Spike Lee’s Get On the Bus before.

So when Outfest announced they would be hosting a 20th anniversary screening of the film in West Hollywood, I immediately put it on my calendar.

Then when I learned last week that one of the film’s stars, Isaiah Washington, was going to be the special guest for the Q&A following the screening, I thought I better take my tape recorder.

Sure enough, Washington did not disappoint and you could say was in a very chatty mood. He opened up about playing a gay character in the film, says he felt ostracized during filming, that his co-star who played his ex didn’t want to do a kissing scene with him and he slammed Hollywood as ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic.’

Oh yeah,. and he also brought up the infamous 2007 Golden Globe Awards incident that got him fired from Grey’s Anatomy.

‘You know me, I’ll make a headline like that!’ he said at one point, snapping his fingers.

I’ve recapped the Q&A in a story posted over at Gay Star News and I hope you will check it out.



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5 Remarks

  1. Isiah has been in numerous gay films so yeah he’s a pretty cool guy, I just think he didn’t get along with his co-stars on the set of Grey’s that’s all but I’ve always been a fan of his and will continue to support him.

  2. Watched that years ago. Good movie.

  3. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years for ‘Get On The Bus’ because it was an important film that didn’t get the ‘proper do’s’ at the time but now watching it 20 years later you can literally see the importance of the film. Spike Lee has always known how to tug on your heartstrings without getting too sappy. It’s sad to hear how another actor in Hollywood didn’t want to ‘go all the way’ in a film (the kissing scene) yet Isaiah entire career was ruined by ‘alleged’ words and feelings. I always liked him and even thought many would say he was a ‘broke man’s’ Denzel, I actual believe that Isaiah might have a bit more passion and a bit more depth than Denzel. I know I’m going to hear it but I have seen most of Isaiah’s work and I truly think he has more range but he would be someone that has been labeled ‘difficult’ and ‘unpredictable’ and that has scared him long before the Grey’s incident. Instead of Isaiah getting on the bus he got thrown under-the-bus and for a real nice guy and not too bad to look at man, he has been ‘blackballed’ over and over again…………

  4. Fine actor. I wish he had kept his cool on the Grey’s Anatomy set. He was a prince but didn’t realize it.

  5. Totally disagree with the others.. Isaiah, in my opinion, is an arrogant POS who thinks calling someone a fa**ot is OK… Well it is NOT and in my opinion, I hope he never works in TV again…..

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