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Is Will Horton about to bite the dust on “Days”?

Because episodes of Days of Our Lives are taped something like 3-4 months ahead of time, it’s inevitable that storylines are going to be leaked.

For some time now, I’d read and hear that Will Horton, once a main character on the show, was going to be murdered.

I was kind of in denial about it until I caught today’s episode where Ben walks in on Will holding a necktie he found in the trash can. Since Ben is the Salem necktie killer, he no doubt will want to do away with poor Will.

Also, Will left a heartfelt voicemail for his husband earlier in the episode proclaiming his love and taking all of the blame – as he should – for their problems.

It’s stunning to me they would throw this character away like this.

Chandler Massey was a sensation in the role and won three consecutive Emmys. His successor, Guy Wilson, has clearly not been as well-received in the role. So if Wilson was not working out, why not bring in a better fit down the road?

Ben’s other victims, Serena and Paige, had not been on long so they were ideal murder victims. But Will? Sami Brady and Lucas Horton’s son? Marlena Brady’s grandson? Caroline Brady’s great-grandson?


So this show, which only a few months ago had a gay triangle and even a fourth gay guy in the mix, is killing off one of its main gays. Will’s husband, Sonny Kiriakis, is off the show but I hear resurfaces for Will’s funeral.

I think there were so many other victims for Ben to kill and as a gay fan of the show, resent this development.

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4 Remarks

  1. While I am happy to see Guy Wilson go, it is disappointing that they didn’t t try another recast for such an important character. With the right actor recasts can work. I loved Casy as Chad, but I am also glad of the great recast they did with Billy Flynn. A recast was in n order for the Will Horton character.

  2. I am so angry and upset that this is how Sonny & Will comes to an end. i think it’s a huge mistake to go along with several other mistakes I think the show has made in the past few months. I know I will no longer watch after Will’s funeral & Sonny’s goodbye.

    This whole 50th anniversary season is supposed to be a celebration and a kick off for the future of the show. But to me it seems more of a sad remembrance and farewell.

    I find it hard to believe that the show will be renewed.

  3. I think quite a few fans aren’t happy with Days going this route. Whether you like or dislike Guy Wilson doesn’t matter because in the end of the day Days is pretty much doing away with their gay storyline that they have worked hard to bring to life. If they didn’t want to write for Will anymore then they could of given him a better send off. Either by having him and Sonny reunite and really work on their marriage or maybe he gets a job outside of Salem. Any number of things would of worked better than this.

  4. I understand, to a point, of killing of a character that will have major impact across the board. Will Horton is truly a legacy character (great grandson of the original DOOL family, son of Sami, grandson of Marlena AND Kate, etc.) Killing Will off will affect nearly every character on the show. Having said that, it is a shame they kill off one of the characters that made DOOL worth watching the last couple of years. Will’s coming out (and his portrayal by Chandler Massey) was one of the most well written, realistic, and poignant coming out story I have seen on any tv show. Yes, Guy Wilson was not stellar in the role, but it was not solely his fault. The writers did a complete 180 on the character and Will was no longer recognizable. I wished they had written Will off briefly then brought him back with a different actor. The character of Will drove SO MANY story lines on DOOL for 20 years! One of Sami’s first storylines was getting pregnant with Will, then the paternity switch, then the custody battle(s), etc. Will will be missed and while I look forward to seeing how his death will affect other stories and characters, I like DOOL is making a big mistake in killing him off. Hell, he could’ve been attacked, gone into a coma for a few months, then woke up as a new actor.

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