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Is 3-time Emmy winner Chandler Massey returning to Days of Our lives as Will Horton? Just wondering …

Really I have no idea.

But a Facebook post tonight from Chandler Massey’s former publicist has me wondering if this might be the case.

Jeffrey Ballard, whose past clients have included Massey, Charlie Sheen, Paula Abdul and Johnny Depp among many others, congratulated Days of Our Lives and Executive Producer Greg Meng on being renewed by NBC for a 51st season.

Writes Ballard: ‘I’ve been getting quite a few calls about this — so for the record — I can neither confirm nor deny that my former client and good friend, three-time Daytime Emmy Award winning actor Chandler Massey will be returning to his role of Will Horton on Days of our Lives later this year.’

He adds: ‘I guess you will all have to keep watching!!’

I’ll try and find out what I can but I won’t be watching again until the show has some kind of meaningful gay presence again. I’ve had no interest since the ‘murder’ of Will while he was played by Guy Wilson.

So let’s say Massey is coming back. Why on Earth did they kill Will? Why not have him go off with Sonny since Freddie Smith had left the show anyway?

How could Will come back? I know anything is possible on a soap but this will be a real stretch since we all saw Ben choke the life out of him. Maybe Will has a long-lost twin? Or maybe Massey, who left the show to finish college at UCLA, will return via flashback or as a ghost.

All that being said, if Massey were back, I’d watch every day. He’s a wonderful actor and was amazing as Will.

Anyway, the show shoots its episodes something like 4-6 months in advance so I don’t know how they keep things like this secret. If I get confirmation that Massey has indeed been filming scenes, I’ll let you know!

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17 Remarks

  1. The elimination of Will and Sonny was so clearly due to homophobia that I cannot believe they are bringing back Will. Unless there is a writing regime change.

  2. God please let Chandler Massey return to Days as the one and only Will Horton. Please God I’m begging you.

  3. I thought Chandlers portrayal of Will was the heart and soul of Days. The show should just write off most of the past few years as a VERY bad dream! He is still missed!

  4. I would love for him to come back some how. He is such a cutie and fit in so well with the rest of the cast.

  5. I would love this. Every fan would just be over the moon if Chandler Massey did come back.

  6. I would love for Chandler Massey to come back. He is such a natural actor and was so great as Will.

  7. Anything is possible with this show. I hoped it would be revealed that Will was actually not dead but instead being held captive by Andre in an attempt to get back at Sami for stealing the DiMera fortune or to clear Chad if he was arrested for the SK murders. But nothing ever came of that and Ben was revealed as the murderer. But I still have hope that Will is actually alive and well but possibly suffering from amnesia. To have Chandler come back as Will would be a stretch though unless it is revealed that this was all Sonny’s nightmare on NYE 2013 and the WilSon wedding never happened and Nick is still alive. Guess we wait and see how this plays out in a few months from now.

  8. I want Chandler Massey to returning back to the show, because he’s better than Guy Wilson as Will Horton.

  9. February 12th, 2016 at 8:15 am
    Michael Smith says:

    Since rumor has Freddie Smith coming back this Summer it would make sense that Chandler maybe back as well. It will be interesting if they Chandler back as Will.. I thought after Freddie left and they murder Will I almost stop watching but now that my two favorite actors are back maybe I will stick around a while.

  10. If the show wanted to recast the role then why kill off the character? Will could have gone with Sonny to Europe for 6 months to a year, and then come back, played by a new actor or even a returned Chandler Massey. That made much more sense to me.

    Chandler Massey is a great actor and comes off as a great guy. Whatever he decides, I wish him well and am sure he will be a success.

  11. Sonny is coming back there have been recent pics of DOOL cast members and Sonny is seen in the background…. so now I’m wondering how this would work….not to mention it was said but the producers themselves that if you die off DOOL you will NOT be coming back…

  12. It could be a little stretch for Sami not to remember having a twin. Her mother and father were there.

  13. Follow The ChandlerMassey Facebook fan page, the only page authorized by Chandler himself.

  14. February 12th, 2016 at 12:50 pm
    Leeannlovingthebooks says:

    I have said in the past that they need to do what Dallas did when Patrick a.k.a. Bobby, wanted to come back, they had the whole time he was off, Bobbys death, a bad dream. Make the time from when Chandler was not Will up til he comes back,everything, all a bad dream. Bring back Sonny, redo the propsal, wedding, stupid idea of cheating, everything . Have Sonny wake up to the shower going, go in and find Will alive and well. Jmo.

  15. Well…if Marlena can be possessed, then Anything is possible with this train-wreck of a show!
    It has jumped so many Sharks, I thought it was the ‘Jaws’ franchise!


  16. I got completely fed up with the new set of writers… They systematically got rid of all the Gays, killing everyone I liked…but when they killed Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel Jonas), who is very possibly the MOST gorgeous hunk of manhood ever, then I called it quits… I stopped watching immediately after Dr. Dan was killed…. BUT, if Chandler Massey is brought back, then I might be persuaded to start watching again……..

  17. Chandler being a 3 time Emmy award winner, I honestly believed Days could have worked something out with him, maybe tape around a schedule that would coincide with his schedule, that would have allowed him to stay and go to school, Guy Wilson had a big role to fill after Chandler Massey and unfortunately it just didn’t work. I do hope Chandler returns and of course its easily explained, but with Aiden Jennings returning and its probably going to be explained that it was a look a like, that actually died instead of the real Aiden, so having yet another storyline kinda explained that way might be too much, but showing him (Chandler Massey) in an actual kidnapping storyline just might work, if done correctly.

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