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Is Mister Rogers the new bisexual icon?

This news is trending on Twitter today.

The late Fred Rogers, longtime host of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, was apparently bisexual.

This was not alluded to in the recent documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? But was in a biography came out last year titled The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell King, former director of the Fred Rogers Center.

The book included this passage:

In conversation with one of his friends, the openly gay Dr. William Hirsch, concluded that if sexuality was measured on a scale of one to 10: “Well you know, I must be right smack in the middle. Because I have found women attractive, and I have found men attractive.”

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5 Remarks

  1. I wonder if Fred ever acted on his attraction? I really think that rushing to judge his casual comment doesn’t do justice to Mr. Rogers legacy.

  2. Plenty people “find men attractive.” You can’t label Fred Rogers a bisexual on the basis of this quote. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Meant to say “plenty men”

  4. Most people fall somewhere on the sexual spectrum. If he had lived in a more progressive time perhaps he’d be openly bisexual. Makes no difference to me :-) .

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised of anything from anyone (though there are so many ways to define what we want to make about a persons’ sexuality that it would be troublesome to take one of them and therefore polemizing with those who uphold others). Certainly is not bad to know as a mere comment or possibility.

    What I wouldn’t like to see is to take a person who is dead (and therefore cannot clarify whatever that he felt or he feels regarding such personal and intimate subject) and invest it with whatever we would like it to be in order to “win one for the team” or even worse, dragging a person’s memory into a political arena (and in this case, a person that was very well known fir trying to embrace everyone and not antagonize, discriminate or fight others).

    And this could be said in other orders of his life if some people would like to be them to blatantly in the front, whether his Christian Presbyterian values as a reverent of that church or other ideological, political values he may felt very connected to but that he himself would not patronize, proselytize or even talk too much.

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