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Is Michael Muhney really off “The Young and the Restless” for good? I’m starting to wonder!

I caught up with Michael Muhney a few days ago at the Daytime Gives Back event where and other soap stars were distributing items at the Salvation Army in Van Nuys.

I’ll share with you more photos from the event later today. First, I wanted to share that I am wondering if Michael’s dastardly character of Adam on Young and the Restless, supposedly murdered, is really dead!

I had heard something along those lines but figured Michael would not have been able to say so even if I did ask him about Adam’s fate. But my suspicions grew exponentially when I was about to begin speaking to Michael and a publicist interrupted and said: “This interview has to only be about the charity!”


So, of course, as soon as the publicist was out of earshot, I asked Michael what the heck was going on! Is Adam dead or not?

Mr. Muhney would only say this: “That, I don’t talk about…. I’m just a little hush-hush.”


I asked Michael if this was the first time he ever “died” onscreen and he pointed out that he also died on Veronica Mars, a show on which he played Sheriff Don Lamb for three seasons.

“When we got a pink slip and knew the show wasn’t going to be renewed, I took a baseball bat to the back of the head,” he said. “Richard Grieco knocked me down.”

Okay, if he can’t talk about Adam, what about that beard he’s sporting?

Explains Michael: “It started out as a playoff beard then it became laziness and then I made it past the itchy phase so I think I’ll hang onto it awhile longer.”

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One Remark

  1. Adam’s appearance in the last scene of Friday’s episode of Y&R came as no surprise to viewers. Anyone who watches knows that no one in Genoa City really dies, there is always a way to come back. A good example is Phillip(Thom B.) whom the writers miraculously brought back from the dead and then, stupidly, dismissed his character and sent him to Australia. Doppelgangers are a favorite plotline of the current batch of writers. They had two plots going on at the same time. Adam has, what I call, a semi-doppelganger – shares his facial characteristics and body build, not an exact twin. And, of course, the body was burned beyond recognition. From what I read, MM was offered an evening series, but it subsequently fell through. So, the writers left it open so that, if Michael desired he could return. And yes, MM was sporting a full beard on the show.

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