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Is Gale Harold all done with on Desperate Housewives? official has been announced but it doesn’t look like Gale Harold – best known as BrianĀ  from Showtime’s Queer as Folk – is going to be returning to Desperate Housewives next season, according to an interview with co-star Neal McDonough in the new issue of TV Guide.

The article states that Harold – recovered from a serious motorcycle accident last fall – has returned as Jackson, the boyfriend of Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), “only to be dealt with swiftly and permanently” by McDonough’s homicidal character.

“He throws a wrench into my plans of death and destruction, and that wrench has to be gotten rid of quickly,” McDonough tells the magazine. “But he’s one guy I wish all the success to. What happened to him was almost a tragedy.”

There is no doubt that this talented – and oh so attractive actor – will land another series soon if that’s what he wants. Just stay off the motorcycles!

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  1. Neil has talken too much, I think

  2. Greg, this is DH (i.e., Bizarro World): anything can happen – and does, all the time! That Marc Cherry: he does like to mess with our heads, because it keeps us tuning in. How many times have we heard that Gale wouldn’t return this year? So I’m shooting down this trial balloon: I’d love to see “Action Jackson” stick around!

  3. Some of us Gale Harold fans feel that McDonough’s public statements about GH (of which he has made more than any other cast member except Teri Hatcher) are green-eyed and self-serving. While professing concern or good will, he manages to disseminate only the most negative impressions of Gale’s physical condition and prospects on the show. These suggestions are completely at odds with indications from Marc Cherry and others that he has recovered handsomely and that his participation in Season 6 is up in the air. We prefer to wait and see what happens, and not to rely on Mr. McDonough’s ready reserve of unctuous gloom.

  4. I think observing Gale Harold on DH was awesome but even thou they may or will, decide to get rid of him or should we say let him go. It is not a bad thing, since most viewers got the chance to see him again on a national scale after Vanished, which may lead to a role on another show.

    How they write him out will determine if he does come back or he is gone for good. But I think DH will help Gale land another leading role in a prime-time drama or a supporting role. At least we hope so.


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