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“I Am Cait” will return for a second season

Caitlyn Jenner’s life as a woman will continue to unfold in front of the cameras.

E! announced today that it has renewed the reality series I Am Cait for a second season following an eight-episode run over the summer.

‘I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation,’ Jenner said in a statement.

While the series included brief appearances by Jenner’s famous stepdaughter Kim Kardashian and ex-wife Kris Jenner, the main supporting players have been her new transgender friends that include actress Candis Cayne and author-professor Jennifer Boylan.

Jenner’s 89-year-old mother, Esther, also appeared in a few episodes and in one, had lunch with her daughter’s new transgender friends.

The first season focused a lot on Jenner’s education about the challenges transgender women – who are not in the rare privileged position of Jenner – face every day economically and emotionally.

‘Caitlyn’s story has ignited a global conversation on the transgender community on a scale that has never been seen before,’ said Jeff Olde, executive vice president of programming and development at E!.

‘We are honored Caitlyn has chosen to continue to share her ongoing story with our viewers around the world.’

The show’s first season premiere drew an impressive 2.3 million viewers then ratings leveled off after that.

Jenner has continued to appear occasionally on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.



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11 Remarks

  1. OMG why? Will we ever be done with this person? She is a narcissist, completely uninformed, and a role model only for self indulgent media hogs.

  2. Have you actually watched the show? I think it actually has been very educational.

  3. I watched a few and I generally do think she’s a narcissist and quite misinformed about many of the things that affect her community. The insulation she’s afforded by having money and privilege simply allows her to be so naive.

    I’d like to see her and her entire step-family disappear. Especially the K-Klan. They are a sign of all that is wrong with our obsession with “celebrities” with no real talent or reason for being so famous other than being famous. Paris Hilton, Ms. Richie, etc.

  4. I’m so happy I could just shizz all over the place, and, yes, that was sarcasm. That voice would prevent me from watching even a minute of this pathetic show. Damn you, Ryan Seacrest!

    Next up will be Lamar and Khloe reunited. Cocaine drove them apart and now cocaine and a couple of hoes brought them back together again! Ain’t love grand?!


  5. The show is not without merit. Many of the people Cait interacts with are quite interesting.

  6. Please stop posting Caitlyn Jenner. I love you Greg.

  7. Sorry Larry, am going to post about Caitlyn when I think it’s worthy. Just scroll on past it :)

  8. IMHO (and I did not watch her show) her (apparent) success may pose as a missed opportunity for other transgender people whose struggle in life can be more direct (no fortune, not even having a family let alone a “straight” formed one). There is no doubt that this subject attracts attention what doesn’t mean that she attracts sympathy (and for many, quite the contrary) so it is to be seeing what her legacy is in the long run. If (conditional) this open the door to understand gender dysphoria and dysmorphia at large I welcome it as something that can help many people to live a more normal life, if this is merely about “look at the freak who thinks is a woman, whose voice is manlier than many men, who fathered many children to then realize that he craved for (having) a vagina” etc., well, it doesn’t make a favor. I don’t even know if there are professionals in the show who give their knowledge on the subject (as Caitlyn is not obliged to have an academic one, even if she lived the condition for most of her life) as to veer away from incidental stuff (like, and I am guessing here, how she dressed to look pretty or whatever surgeries she may have had). In another note, as a gay person I like acceptance but also as a gay person I distrust those who struggled (for whatever reason) so much to conform (to whatever social expectations) that even adopt homophobic views regarding traditional roles, gay rights and so forth, so also I wonder (out of ignorance) if she helps equality, if she just helps herself (even if she mentions others) or if she gives fuel to those who think that society is (and must be) made of women (who must love men) and men (who must love women) as a (mistaken) given fact of life and therefore those who don’t fit must become the opposite sex (so straight people can understand and accept them better).

  9. @Lexxvs, why not just watch the show? You have a lot of opinions and questions. I’m sure you can see it online. I saw every episode and learned more about transgender people than I had ever known before.

  10. @ Greg Hernandez, thanks for the offer. Here in Argentina we have our own transgender celebrities, the best known one being Florencia de la V, with their own long history of public discovery and understanding, some drama included. In this respect we even have a legislation that allows a legal change of gender (not just name, legal sex gender) without even having to demonstrate that you have a specific condition, having any surgery at all or even being dressed in any specific way (this could be good or wrong depending on the views). You can also demand your healthcare, whether private or public, to offer sex reassignment surgery without having to provide psychological/psychiatric proof of a condition as to avoid any tricky bureaucratic impediments (this has huge caveats certainly but it was considered essential to grant such treatment de facto). What I mean is that locally we have our fair share on the subject, just as an anecdote this meant that locally less transgender people look forward to become post operative transsexuals (that is, to even have a genital sex reassigning surgery) because locally, for the most part this is not a sine qua non condition to be publicly accepted as a woman (in the “social construction” of what being a woman implies) neither socially or legally. This didn’t come without controversy and as you may suspect, it is not an ended issue for many, not even the LGBT community (yes, not even for the trans community, that also holds diverting views among them). What I mean is that we locally have/had, from time to time an overdose on this (that not always guaranties the right information, as people’s approach at large is always closer to simplistic assessments) although we don’t have (yet) a very well known figure coming out as trans. What I find interesting is how another culture faces the same questions, how similar mistakes are done (one of them idealizing a person for what represents as a social change, what may conflict with their real views that can be less than ideal) and how the final result seems to be more in tune to each culture’s values. The problem is I don’t know if I want to repeat the “overdose feeling” again, what leads to offer an outsider’s educated opinion without direct information.

  11. I watched the show simply to “learn” and “understand” the transgender community better. While I have my own personal issues with Caitlyn, I still believe that she is doing the transgender community a great service. She is bringing the issue to the media, teaching tolerance to others (like me) who knew little or nothing about the day to day issues which effect the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner is on a personal journey of discovery, we in the gay community need to acknowledge and support her. I look forward to season two.

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