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“Hunger Games” producer Nina Jacobson tells it like it is to “wimp” closet cases in Hollywood

When I made the switch from covering hard news at the Los Angeles Times to entertainment at The Hollywood Reporter in the summer of 2000, my first important lunch was with Nina Jacobson, producer of the Hunger Games franchise.

At the time, Nina was head of production at Disney and we met on the lot at the Rotunda, the fancy executive dining room. It as my second day on the job but it was so easy to chat with Nina who was pregnant and ordered a cheeseburger.

I had moved on to covering entertainment for the LA Daily News by the Nina was ousted from Disney after a showdown with then golden boy M. Night Shyamalan who had made The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs for the studio. She correctly sensed his Lady in the Water film was a dog and told him so.

The same straight-shooter persona comes through nicely in a new article in which this out and proud lesbian says she has little respect for those in the entertainment industry who choose to remain in the closet.

‘It’s a detriment to be closeted,’ she tells The New York Times Magazine.

‘Being closeted in Hollywood is like wearing a toupee. It suggests that you’re not proud of who you are, and that you’re afraid of people finding out who you are.

‘There are places where you can’t be out for fear of your life, for fear of your livelihood. Hollywood is not one of them. So to be closeted here is tantamount to being a wimp.’

Besides, Jacobson says those in the closet aren’t fooling anyone.

‘You can always tell! When I first was coming out to a senior colleague of mine, I said, “Do you think the boss knows?” And he said, “Nina, at this point, I think it’s safe to assume everyone knows.”‘

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  1. My dad hates gay people so it’s definitely not easy being what your parents and family hates. Every day I feel depressed.

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