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Humorist David Sedaris has noticed that some people just don’t know when to dress their best

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  1. Hello Greg,

    I viewed David’s commentary a few days ago and would wholeheartedly agree.

    I am 66. Hell, I lose count. And trust me men’s and women’s public dress has gone downhill over the years.

    A large swath of people these days look like they are going to a backyard BBQ no matter what social occasion.

    I understand the need to be comfortable. But one can dress for different occasions and still feel at ease. It all comes down to fit. Understand your body type, dress accordingly, and invest in a good tailor. I have to call you out. I saw a picture you posted of you at some occasion and you were wearing a sports jacket that needed the sleeves taken up a notch. The spray-on, tight clothing is not a good look. And when are skinny jeans going to die for good? Don’t get me started on shoes. Guys and gals tennis shoes/sneakers do not cross over into all social occasions. The only time you will see me in sneakers is at the gym. Once again it’s all about fit. I bet a dollar to doughnuts that I can find anybody a good comfortable shoe besides a tennis shoe.

    Come on guys and gals, let’s take a little pride in how we look and dress according to the event you are arriving at.

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