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Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are causing a lot of commotion on Broadway with play “A Steady Rain”

Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman

Both Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are big enough stars and have the theatrical chops to headline a play on their own. But the two of them in the same Broadway play? It’s more than I can take!

The handsome pair best known to moviegoers as James Bond and Wolverine, respectively, are the stars of the cop drama A Steady Rain which opened this week at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. I read the LA Times review of the show by Charles McNulty over coffee this morning and found the first part of it kinda interesting expecially when he writes that in this marquee match-up of movie stars, Craig and Jackman’s “stage muscles turn out to be every bit as ripped as their adored physiques.”


Here is an axcerpt: That roar swelling over Broadway these days is the sound of fans lined up behind police barricades at the stage door for “A Steady Rain.” This is the play — make that event — that opened Tuesday at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine of the “X-Men” franchise) and Daniel Craig (of the James Bond club) joining forces in a marquee match-up of movie stars, whose stage muscles turn out to be every bit as ripped as their adored physiques.

If city officials are paying attention, they might want to send over a few mounted officers to quash any pandemonium when these sex symbols head home after the show. On second thought, better call in the National Guard — this A-list double-shot is beginning to draw a mob.

As it is, Jackman and Craig have to wait patiently for all the cat-calling to subside before they’re allowed to utter a syllable of Keith Huff’s drama. This duologue, recounted in not-always-polite buddy banter and monologues that occasionally veer into suspenseful goriness, tells the snowballing tale of a pair of Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is tested when the pursuit of justice becomes harrowingly personal.

Now these fellows could charm the pants off half (if not three-quarters) of the audience just by reading the proverbial phone book. Obviously, the play here isn’t the thing, and Huff lets his plot ride roughshod over his characters.

But under John Crowley’s spare and precise direction, the actors earn their adulation, magnifying what’s most gripping about Huff’s writing even when the drama, stretched thin with bang-bang incident, becomes considerably less believable over time. And for those worried about authenticity, fear not: Although Jackman is from Australia and Craig is from England, they slip into the American reality of their characters as if it were a second skin.

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