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How did I miss the Bardem-Brolin Oscar kiss?

Josh Brolin, left, and Javier Bardem kiss during the 83rd Academy Awards

This is adorable! Javier Bardem spent much of No Country for Old Men, for which he won an Oscar, trying to kill Josh Brolin. Well, these two former co-stars obviously are far friendlier off screen. They co-presented at last night’s Academy Awards dressed like twins and greeted each other with a kiss!

I must have been looking at my computer screen sending out a tweet because I did not see it! Glad I found it online and can share it with you. Both actors are married to gorgeous female movie stars: Javier and wife Penelope Cruz are new parents while Josh has been married to the lovely Diane Lane.



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3 Remarks

  1. You didn’t see it because the producers had gay panic and made sure they cut away the cameras during this tender interlude. Thank god for time delay, or all of America would have been exposed to their depravity.


  2. Yup. As the actors went in for the kiss, the director changed to a lengthy reaction shot of the audience, roaring with approval. I wonder why GLAAD hasn’t made a deal out of this…..

  3. March 3rd, 2011 at 1:58 pm
    José Manuel says:

    Sorry if I´haven´t write you before.
    I would like to tell you a story. I know it isn’t hot news, but at last is a kind of story like David vs Goliath, or how an ordinary man (Spaniard) is trying to shame a big American network.
    I would like to tell you about the censorship made in the Oscars by the network to the gay friendly moment between Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. I´ve noticed when both started to waltz, the camera run to Penelope Cruz and stayed with her until they’ve finished. I verified it today when I saw them lips kissing in this picture in a famous Spanish TV web page:
    I’ve sent the information to the web page, but I would like to share it with you as well. This is how they’ve treated (and it´s awesome what have they done, asking responsibilities to ABC and one of the show’s producers):
    Brolin and Bardem’s invisible act was subtle and ambiguous. They weren’t mocking of anything; they just were playing a little as a gay couple of the twenties, dancing romantically and lip kissing. And someone thought that was an inappropriate image to show the world, something possibly dangerous, wrong and scandalous. And that’s the question of all.
    Since Madonna started the same sex kisses between women I´ve seen really a lot of them (Sandra Bullock to Meryl Streep last year, remember?) because all the media showed them to me endlessly. It´s a light scandal because at the end it’s a fantasy of a lot of heterosexual men, so it’s allow showing it. But B&B kiss has foregone being quite different. In a gala that almost everybody has said that have no surprises, this could have been one. But someone didn´t let it happen. These kind of homophobic acts are used to be invisible (what doesn´t happen with offenses to other minorities). So I ask you if you think you can do something about it, because I think you are the right ones to address in the UK.
    I’ve tried to “move” the information as much as I could, and today is on the web page of the most important newspapers in Spain: El País, El Mundo y Público (less important but a very progressive one), and also in the web of a famous free newspaper, 20 minutos (but I didn’t wrote to them). Even an international BBC webpage echoes the theme.
    I´ve also sent it to the most important TV web pages (they are about all the news in TV business and they are read by the great majority of TV professionals; I know it because I´ve worked all my live on TV). The first one is where I saw the kiss picture.
    And of course I also sent my complaints to one of my favorite Spanish gay web pages.
    And I can´t remember if I sent it to Advocate or they founded. But the important thing is they’ve posted it. I wrote to Out, but I haven´t seen any yet. But they have done it in Vulture.
    At first I only thought in gay people in general, but as I have being so moved with the American “It´s better campaign, I specially think it isn’t fair for American kids to hear even their President Obama telling them that everything is going to better, and later on they are not allowed to see this really innocent and tender images on TV. And of course, is not fair to all the international gay kids that they don´t have any support. And this image would have encourage someones and learn to see it natural. Don´t you think so?
    Thanks a lot for your time and your interest, and kindest regards
    José Manuel Pinzones

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