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Has “Glee” fatigue set in? Ratings fall 30 percent

Glee Season 3 Lea Michele - H 2011

Darren CrissQuick! Bring back Chord Overstreet!
Of course, the absence of the cute trout-mouthed blond can’t be the reason why the season three premiere episode of Glee had a whopping 32 percent fewer viewers than last season’s season premiere.
But something is up.
First, the Glee 3-D movie completely bombed at the box office this summer and now just 8.9 million viewers tuned in Tuesday night for the first new episode since last May.
The Hollywood Reporter writes that it’s a surprising dip for a series that became an overnight phenomenon two years ago and has since generated millions of iTunes downloads and spawned a concert tour, a 3D movie and a reality spinoff (Oxygen’s The Glee Project).

“A lackluster storyline last season may have played a part [in the premiere ratings],” Brad Adgate, senior vp research at Horizon Media told THR. “The summer concerts, rumors about cast changes, the downloads, the Oxygen reality series. Perhaps the franchise has spread itself too thin in an attempt to make ancillary [revenue].”

It’s clear that hardcore Gleeks like me are still devoted but the challenge for the show’s producers and the network will be to regain the interest of the casual viewer.

Time will tell.

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11 Remarks

  1. Well, if Darren Criss (Blaine) appeared shirtless once in awhile, we wouldn’t have this problem.

  2. @James… Heh… Well, that would be very nice but unfortunately, I think Darren Criss fans are probably counted in the diehard Gleeks group.

    Greg is right, the drop off is most likely due to casual fans being less than impressed by last season. My sister-in-law is one of those casual fans who really enjoyed the first season but was turned off by last season. And she doesn’t particularly care for Darren Criss’ character of Blaine, so having him shirtless wouldn’t increase her interest. I thought the season premiere wasn’t too bad (and an improvement on much of last season) but she wasn’t impressed and stated Glee was no longer “must see” for her.

  3. I think part of the problem is the inconsistent writing. Sue is just Too over-the-top nasty, the writing (and the characters) are all over the map.
    True…I am still Bewitched by Darren! :) He is just so sexy and adorable, and can really sing and dance…much better than the rest of the cast.
    And I was really hoping to NOT see any Slushie-throwing this season. Not funny…just horrible.


  4. Perhaps it’s because the writing has gotten sloppy and Sue Sylvester’s character is now annoying and one dimensional? Seriously. In the first season Sue’s charachter outburst were light and funny. Now they’re dark and psychopathic, it’s just not funny.

  5. Within first few minutes realized the episode had lost its’ previous seasons energy.

  6. I predicted this back near the end of season one. “Glee” is over saturating the market. There is no time to “miss them”. Their songs are all over iTunes, they had a movie and live tour this summer and the DVDs are just everywhere. I even forgot the Karaoke game for some gaming platforms. All anyone talked about all summer was “The Glee Project” and what would happen with the graduating seniors. There is too much “Glee”. This works for marketing in the short term but if the team behind this great show don’t start pulling back this show will be canceled at the end of season 4 or 5. I understand that, business wise, you strike while the iron is hot to capitalize on the public awareness but there is a point of “excess within control”. Over exposure leads to a public hatred because it’s everywhere and you can’t escape it. People will begin to resent the show and “Glee” is too fun to allow that to happen.

  7. Fatique?

  8. Actually……..I WON’T WATCH ANYTHING ON FOX!!!!!!!

  9. Last season caused widespread damage. Way too many “guest stars” and too little coverage of the regular cast. Add the fiasco of Ryan Murphy demanding that bands release their songs for the benefit of “the children” as well as the bad press from the summer about final seasons for certain cast members,etc.

  10. Not one of their better episodes IMHO.

  11. First, there are no serious relationships that we can follow. The cast is playing “musical chairs” with our hearts at a very fast pace.
    Second, who is the best looking guy in the group? It was Chord Overstreet, and he is gone.
    Third, what about the gals? They take on a split personality, which is hard on the viewers because we don’t know who is going to show up the following week!
    The only part I enjoyed during this premiere was the last musical number – it was upbeat.

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