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Happy Birthday to Jonathan Knight of NKOTB fame! former boy bander, who publicly confirmed that he is gay last January, turns 43 today!

Jonathan Knight, a member of New Kids on the Block, said then that he had actually been out for 20 years.

“I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay!” he said on the NKOTB website. “Apparently the prerequisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption “I am gay”. I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected!”

Well, these days not everyone even gets a magazine cover which is partly because there are so many out celebs now and it’s also becoming less and less Earth-shattering news. But it’s always welcome news and it’s always a wonderful thing when someone like Knight confirms things publicly and lives out and proud.

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  1. I have to shame the devil and tell the true, I feel bitter and a bit betrayed by Jonathan’s lack of awareness. I’m fully aware that he is an entertainer and has a right to his own private life and privacy is so key in life period. I get it, however I’m sorry but he knew what he signed up for when his group were pumping out NKOTB everything. He claimed that he was out for 20 years and it sounds like a Ricky Martin (another guy I love but still feel a bit upset with) duck and dodge the whole “I’m gay ordeal” until I’m ready. For those 20 years of Jonathan claiming to be out there was never no watercooler talk about Jonathan being gay at all. Actually everyone I knew thought it was his brother (Jordan) who was gay (the entire group was hot and still hot). The problem with late admissions is most of these entertainment folks, politicians and people in the public eye who have some kind of visibility, they tend to forget their golden opportunity to bridge some gaps. They can actually start the much needed conversations about diversity in our world. I’m pretty sure some confused boy or girl that loved NKOTB’s music back then and even now, could have benefitted from him being out, visible and just being proud of who Jonathan really was. Instead he waited cowardily until his notoriety wore off a bit and then he got called out accidentally in an interview by a former lover (Tiffany). I’m still a fan but just like my love, respect and sorry to say “dislike” for stars and entertainers and other public figures like Richard Chamberlain (Thorn Birds) and even Ricky “shake your bon bon” Martin and even that ex-New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy, I can’t full grasp their late admissions to the gay family. Like them I can’t understand why Jon wouldn’t want to share such a major part of his existence with his fans and with the world. I know there is so much strength when your in the closet and everyone around you is begging you not to come out because you are famous or in the limelight or a public figure but there is so much power when your out. It just doesn’t help you when your out and open but it helps everyone around you feel a bit more comfortable and makes people like myself, that struggled because they felt like the only gay person on the planet feel more connected. Can you imagine all the NKOTB fans that happen to be in the closet and were afraid to come out and the one person that could have changed their minds and eased their souls was Jonathan. I know I sound a bit angry and I truly apologize for my tone but Jonathan and that entire group made an ass out of all his fans, including the gay ones like myself.

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