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Happy Birthday to Andrew McCarthy!

A couple of weeks ago, a reader sent me a message trying to psychoanalyze why I like to put photos of myself with celebrities on the blog.

It seemed to really irritate him that I do that so I’m not sure why he’s reading a site called Greg In Hollywood.

But, it’s a free country!

He thinks I do so to get back at all the bullies in high school in a “look at me now” kind of way.

But I wasn’t bullied so that can’t be it. It might be just because it’s fun!

So here I am with Andrew McCarthy who I met back in September at the West Hollywood Book Fair where I was moderator of a celebrity book panel.

Today, Andrew (a longtime crush of mine) turns 50 and he seems to be in a really good place in his life.

In addition to continuing to act in television and films, he’s also an in-demand director and a highly-respected travel writer whose new book, The Longest Way Home, is a winner.

Happy birthday to Andrew! And thanks for taking a photo with me to show all those high school bullies – whoever they are.

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6 Remarks

  1. November 29th, 2012 at 12:50 pm
    Cole Sadamoto says:

    Hey Greg, I appreciate the photos with you in them. Many times you read a generic story of stars being at this event or another, but when you post a photo with you in it, I know you were there and it makes the story more personal. Keep up the great work…it is enjoyed!

  2. Maybe your disgruntled reader is a Greg Hernandez wannabe! Like Cole says above, it’s nice to see a real picture with real people rather than a Photoshopped one. Plus, now that you have that million $$ smile (not that the old one wasn’t OK), share it whenever & wherever you can.

    P.S. Has Cheyenne Jackson ever gotten back to you about adopting me? He can share me between Thomas Roberts and his new husband if he wants to. Even though I’m a few years older than all of them, with the correct lighting (darkness), I wouldn’t be that noticeable in their publicity shots so nobody would ever know unless you leaked it out in your column.

  3. November 29th, 2012 at 2:50 pm
    Robert Giannini says:

    Don’t stop inserting photos of yourself and major players in Hollywood. There are always some people who always complain and it gives them a little relief in their small minds.
    Thanks, Greg, for continually doing a bang up job.
    May day doesn’t start without first checking in for any news you have to share.
    Thanks, again.

  4. I think your site is soooo unique because of that. And I really love your smile, it’s so genuine, it makes want to smile with you.

  5. Greg, I just have one question, since the name of your site is GregIn Hollywood just who’s pictures are supposed to be in it? Lassie,Abe Lincoln,Lindsey Lohan? DUH!!

  6. I started to pose with Celebs after my Pal, Bill K, had posed with every celeb he met and I would go into his office and the wall would be covered with photos. Now he posts them on Facebook. I pose for a visual record of the meeting/interview and post on my blog to go with the interview.

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