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Happy 59th Birthday to Leslie Jordan: “No filler, no botox, no knives have touched this wonderful face”

The great Emmy winning actor Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace, Sordid Lives, Southern Baptist Sissies, The Help, American Horror Story, My Life Down the Pink Carpet) turns 59 today and has shared some of his thoughts about it in a Facebook post.

Here is much of it:

I am so happy that I can look at a picture of myself and not feel shame or regret. That is 17 years of working a wonderful AA Program. THIS IS WHAT 59 LOOKS LIKE. No filler, no botox, no knives have touched this wonderful face that I have been blessed with. I sometimes lament my growing double chin and my thinning white hair but I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING!! I try really hard to act and dress age appropriate. The only reason I added “dress age appropriate” is I see so many of my gay brothers trying desperately to hang on to their youth. Honey, when you reach a certain age not even the ball cap on backwards or the Converse high top tennis shoes are going to fool ANYONE. This youth obsession is is such a part of gay culture and our culture in general. I am so blessed to have learned that if your insides match your outsides, you are much better off. If you are feeling old, work on your insides, leave your outsides alone. I am barely out of high school on the inside!!! Seriously. My program has taught me that there are three things one needs to age gracefully…. CURIOSITY, GENEROSITY AND HUMAN KINDNESS. I have been blessed with that in spades. Let’s all tip our hats to the Betty White’s and the Cloris Leachman’s and LIVE AND LOVE FOREVER!!! I’M GOING TO BE 59 ON TUESDAY AND THAT IS THAT! HALLALUHAH!!

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2 Remarks

  1. April 29th, 2014 at 4:51 am
    RichB in PS says:

    Leslie Jordan is Leslie Jordan thankfully. Saw him on reruns of ‘Murphy Brown’ and he was Leslie Jordan being [think he was] Kyle. When the world was introduced to Pope Frances, I immediately shared with Del Shores that there’s something here for LJ.

  2. May 2nd, 2014 at 4:24 am
    RichB in PS says:

    Two nights ago that would make it Wednesday, April 30th rerun of ‘Night Court’ dated 1988 there was an Easter Bunny blown off parade route by the name of Irwin – guess who was inside the bunny suit that had an unmistakable voice even in 1988 ??

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