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Happy 32nd Birthday to Clay Aiken! Idol winners and runners-up are no longer considered sure-things when it comes to selling records and becoming enduring stars.

But Clay Aiken, who turns 32 today, remains one of the biggest stars to emerge from the singing competition and he has retained a very loyal fan base for nearly a decade.

I’ve had my issues with Clay over the years over unkind things he write about Adam Lambert and how once he came out in 2008, he still seemed kind of bitchy about it.

But Clay is growing as a man and earlier this month,  he was among those who appeared at a Capitol Hill briefing last week to urge Congress to pass two bills that would require schools to address bullying and harassment targeting LGBT students.

“Like many kids now in middle schools and high schools, I was bullied,” Clay said then. “I was picked on, I was called gay, I was called fag, I was called sissy, you name it. Fortunately, I was able to overcome it and live through it because of a number of friends who were supportive of me.”

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  1. You wrote, “I’ve had my issues with Clay over the years over unkind things he write about Adam Lambert and how once he came out in 2008, he still seemed kind of bitchy about it.”
    Greg, one time on his blog on his official website, he blogged after being begged by fans who were also AL fans, to tell them what he thought of Adam’s singing. Unfortunately, it was when AL sang ROF, which was panned by many others. That was it. Never again “over the years” has he even mentioned AL. When he came out, it was his choice and really his business. Maybe “bitchy” to you is someone who is in control of his life.

  2. Hey Greg, thanks for the Clay article. I’m sorry, but Clay isn’t bitchy like the media tried to portray him, but he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and it’s no ones right to ask invasive questions. Clay has been very open about his sexuality in many interviews since 2008. Maybe you have not seen them. I admire the guy for standing on his own and doing things his way.

  3. Greg, consider reevaluating your opinion of Clay. Dig deep, there are many good reasons why he has a solid fan base. Glad you appreciate Capitol Hill Clay, that is one side of Clay we recognize and appreciate.

  4. Sorry Greg but its kind of ridiculous for a you to call him bitchy when he’s just expressing his opinion. It was rather bitchy of YOU to make a thing of it. I doubt Clay gives Adam so much as a passing thought. We don’t all have to be Glamberts just because you are. Free will and all that.

  5. One small critique by Clay about Adam on his own fan club and taken out of context doesn’t amount to very much. As for coming out, my understanding is that this is very personal and should be done when it is right for the individual. Clay has been subjected to so much ugliness in his life from so many but he still manages to hold his head high, work for children with special needs ( ), work as UNICEF Ambassador, and use his voice against bullying.

    He recently completed a PBS Special in support of his new album, Tried and True. His voice is one of the best, if not the best, in the business today, IMO. Check out some of his songs from his new CD as well as On My Way Here on youtube.

    Thanks for writing a Birthday Greeting for Clay. Hope his day was the best!

  6. Clay is the best….he is a good man.

    Wishing him all the happiness the world has to offer.

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