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Happy 28th birthday to Charlie Carver!

It just made my damned day earlier this year when Charlie Carver, one of the former stars of MTV’s Teen Wolf series, came out publicly as a gay man.

Today, Charlie turns 28 and I hope he is having a wonderful birthday.  He went public by posting a heartfelt essay on Instagram about his journey which he titled Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger.

‘I’ve lived “out,” not feeling the need to announce so. I was comfortably out in my private life. And for a time, that was enough,’ he wrote

‘When it came to this differentiation of public/private, I was of the opinion that my sexuality could stay off the table. While my Coming Out was very important for me, I wanted to believe in a world where one’s sexuality was for the most part irrelevant.

‘After having the privilege of playing a range of characters, gay, straight and otherwise, I realize this is not the case.’

As his career, alongside twin brother, Max Carver, grew with recurring roles on the TV series Desperate Housewives, Teen Wolf then The Leftovers, Charlie began to evolve and feel the need to be authentic in his public life like he was privately.

‘I now believe that by omitting this part of myself from the record, I am complicit in perpetuating the suffering, fear, and shame cast upon so many in the world,’ he wrote.

‘In my silence, I’ve helped decide for to you too that to be gay is to be, as a young man (or young woman, young anyone), inappropriate for a professional career in the Arts (WHAAA???) So now, let the record show this- I self-identify as gay.’

Charlie realized he needed to be the person who he needed when he was first starting out in show business.

‘As a young man, I needed a young man in Hollywood to say that- and without being a dick about it, I owe it to myself, more than anything, to be who I needed when I was younger.’

He added for those who might be wondering: ‘And let the record show my twin brother is just as cool for being straight.’

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3 Remarks

  1. IMHO, he’s a class act through and through.

  2. Would love to see more of Charlie’s talents in another TV series or a feature film.

  3. I hope he has a long full career. We need more smart, inspirational, and example worthy young men out there, for young people to emulate.

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