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Greg’s List: Top 5 Morning Men of 2009!

The next five days will feature a series of Greg’s Lists – my favorite people, movies, TV show and pop culture moments. We kick off with the top five Morning Men of 2009 – my favorite five of the nearly 300 guys who readers of this site woke up to in the morning.

1. Air Force Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach. (Nov. 12)

This American hero and fighter pilot during an 18-year career in the military, completed 88 combat missions, 2,189 total flying hours, 1,487 fighter hours and 488 combat hours. He has received eight air medals, one for Heroism, and was hand-picked to protect the Washington, D.C. airspace after 9/11. He flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, targeting the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

His reward? He was discharged earlier this year – just two years short of retirement – because he is gay. Alessandro Calza (Aug. 14)

I raved about the indie flick Ciao when it was screened at Outfest a few summers back and Alessandro Calza was a big reason why.

Not only was this incredibly beautiful Italian one of the film’s stars, but he also co-wrote the script with director Yen Tan. It’s the story of two men who form an unlikely bond when a mutual friend named Mark dies unexpectedly.

It was a leap of faith to cast Calza as one of the leads in what basically an intimate two-character film with lots of dialogue.

“He’s not an actor at all,” Tan told me last year. “That was kind of a risk I always considered. Initially when I asked him to read for the part, he emailed me some (video) clips. I thought he had a very dynamic camera presence. We went through a whole year of preparation where I instructed him about acting.”

The preparation worked because Allesandro is wonderful in the movie and I hope we’ll see him in plenty more. Brandon Beemer: (Aug. 31)

Brandon plays portrays bad-boy attorney Owen Knight on the CBS soap Bold and the Beautiful and his character quickly became embroiled in the lives of the Logan and Forrester families. Before coming to B&B, Brandon played the role of Shawn Brady on rival soap Days of Our Lives on NBC.

The 29-year-old actor got his start on a series that lots of hot young actors did: MTV’s Undressed. That really should be put on DVD! Brandon also had roles on The Brotherhood and the feature film Material Girls.

When I interviewed Brandon in October,  I wondered how he feels about being such a sex symbol with numerous fan sites dedicated to him and YouTube videos floating around of his shirtless scenes.

“I kind of look at it this way: I’m not always going to have it, whatever it is that everybody thinks that I have,” he said.  “I might as well embrace it. It kind of makes me laugh sometimes, it makes me shy but it is what it is. If it puts a smile on people’s face to see me run around in a pair of black leather pants on a runway on the show, then I’ll do it.”

4. David Fumero (Sept. 22)

David Fumero has played Cristian on One Life to Life since 1998 and has really won the hearts of the show’s gay fans with his character’s staunch support of his friend Oliver Fish.

David, 36, is a former fashion model and before that, was a United States Marine. He has been vocal off-screen abouy his support for LGBT equality which has made us love him all the more.

“I was glad they wrote Cristian the way they did, because that’s what I believe in,” Fumero said of his gay-friendly character in an interview with Brandon’s Buzz. “We gotta grow up in this country, you know? I mean, we have way more important issues than … taking freedom away. What are we about? We’re a country about freedom. Let people live their lives, let them experience their free will… To forbid people that love each other to spend the rest of their lives [together] or to just have equality, just like straight people, is just ridiculous. It just makes no sense to me.”

And then there is this: what a smokin’ hot body! David is currently melting our hearts with his love scenes with Layla (love this couple!) and he is also fond of working on his paintings shirtless or in some skimpy sleeveless T-shirt that has those beautiful biceps on display.

Sigh. Jeremy Bloom (April 13)

For two years running, Olympic skier and football player Jeremy Bloom won the “King of the Hardwood” contest for hottest athlete of the year. CEO Jim Businski told me last in 2007 of Bloom: “We did an interview with Bloom and he was flattered, but wanted to be thought of as more than a pretty face.”

Bloom has done well juggling modeling gigs that show off his “pretty face” and body and so it’s clear he doesn’t mind being admired for his looks as well as his skills:

Bloom got even more buff after being picked up by the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers as a wide receiver. He was released by the team and Bloom has since worked as an ESPN College Football Analyst.

As a skier, Bloom was a three-time world champion and a two-time Olympian. Other feats: He’s an 11-time World Cup Gold Medalist Snow Skier and in 2005, won a record six-straight World Cup Races – the most in a single season in the sport’s history.

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