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Greg’s GLAAD Media Awards Photo Gallery: Adam Lambert, Johnny Weir, Chaz Bono, Cory Monteith & more [Updated]

2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.The red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards is always just as exciting as the show itself.

This year was no exception and I was so glad to be in the thick of things chatting up Adam Lambert who was definitely THE superstar presence and who took the time to talk to each and every interviewer.

I found myself staring at Adam’s hair wondering how long it took to get it that way!

2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.I was not prepared for Olympian Johnny Weir to be as absolutely sweet and fun as he was.

I’m just crazy about him and so was pretty much everyone else on the red carpet. Johnny was playful and, of course, dressed in his own very individual style.

I’ll be posting my interview with Johnny later this week but wanted to let you know that I asked him about the incident on Chelsea Lately where it seemed like he was hinting that fellow Olympian Evan lysacek is gay.

Johnny told me the exchange with Chelsea was misunderstood and that he doesn’t know Evan well enough to say one way or another.

Johnny presented an award with Chaz Bono.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.

Glee star Cory Monteith could not have been nicer and seemed to really be enjoying himself at the event.

His show won the award for outstanding comedy series over such strong competition as Modern Family and Greek.

Cory, who plays the singing jock on the show, joined fellow cast members Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and several others onstage to as show creator Ryan Murphy accepted the award.

Glee returned to the airwaves last week after a four-month hiatus and absence made the heart grow much fonder as the show enjoyed its highest ratings ever.

This week’s Madonna-themed episode should continue that upward trajectory.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.What can you say about the amazing Wanda Sykes?

She was the last celeb to arrive on the red carpet but that didn’t stop her from talking to each and every interviewer.

These kinds of events have become a lot more special – not to mention a lot more funny – since Wanda came out publicly in late 2008.

A certain blond talk show host and American Idol judge was an inspiration to Wanda: “I want to thank Ellen DeGeneres. I was so envious of her, just out and happy.”

Of being honored by GLAAD Wanda said: “It’s a huge honor for me … but there’s a lot more that I’ll do to earn it. … “I promise I will continue to be a voice and a positive image.

Wanda personally asked Mississippi high school teen Constance McMillen to present her award. She had Constance on her late night show after the student fought to bring her girlfriend to the prom. Rather than let her do so, her school canceled the entire prom!

Wanda said she was so impressed by this young girl, especially taking her stand in Mississippi: “I wouldn’t even tell people I’m BLACK in Mississippi.”


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.Chaz Bono was beaming on the red carpet and has every reason to be.

He is educating the world by being so public about his transition from female to male and it’s nice to see him looking so happy.

The only child on Cher and Sonny Bono said he doesn’t mind having to transition in the spotlight because that has been her life since she was a toddler being trotted out onstage during her parent’s TV show.

But now, Chaz is in the public eye on his own terms and has in the works both a book and documentary about his extraordinary journey.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.I felt like Barbara Walters when I made Bryan Batt tear up during our interview.

We were talking about the final two episodes of Ugly Betty which Bryan had a role in.

When I asked what he thought of the coming out of Justin Suarez, it was clear that Bryan was very moved by how it was handled and the impact it might have on viewers – especially young gay kids in need of positive portrayals.

The pity of it all is Batt was told that if Ugly Betty had been renewed for a fifth season, he would have been invited back to continue his role as Amanda’s father and as a potential love interest for Marc.

Batt, of course, was written out of Mad Men, on which the openly gay actor played a gay advertising agency art director in the 60s who had suffered silently in the closet.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.I’m so glad that Wilson Cruz was asked to co-host the event with Candis Cayne.

These are two LGBT pioneers who have broken down barriers in television. Wilson played a gay teen on ABC’s My So-Called Life in the mid-90s and although just teenager himself,  came out publicly long before so many others followed.

Wilson can act, sing, dance and is also an articulate LGBT rights activist.

Candis was the first – and so far only -transgender actress to star in a network TV series when she played Billy Baldwin’s mistress on ABC’s Dirty Rotten Money.

They were a charming pair and it’s nice to see GLAAD giving the opportunity to two of their own.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.It was, as always, great to see Dustin Lance Black.

The Oscar winning writer of Milk is finishing up a feature film he directed starring Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris.

Lance has moved from Los Angeles to New York City but says his work brings him back to the West Coast often.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.Scott Fujita isn’t just a Super Bowl champion, he’s a wonderful straight ally to the LGBT community.

Scott was given a standing ovation at the awards ceremony because he is one of the only pro football players – or athlete in any major sport – to speak out against homophobia.

He told me the locker room isn’t as homophobic place as people may think and that the reaction he has gotten from most of his fellow players has been mostly positive.

The 30-year-old linebacker has just been signed to a multi-year contract with the Cleveland Browns.

I was honored to meet him and will have our interview later this week.


2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.Jason Lewis is just better looking all the time.

He, of course, is best known as Samantha’s love Smith Jerrod in the Sex and the City TV series and movie. But he also spent a season playing a closeted actor who becomes involved in a romantic relationship with Kevin Walker on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.

Jason has been a regular presence at the GLAAD event in recent years and this year presented the outstanding movie (wide release) award to the Tom Ford-directed A Single Man.

Coming up next for Jason: a role in Sex and the City 2 and a guest spot on the May 17 episode of How I Met Your Mother as a star in a fictional movie within the show.


P1020700 by you.This eye-catching red suit sure caught my eye as did the handsome young man wearing it: he’s fitness expert and model Scott Herman who came to our attention on The Real World: Brooklyn.

Scott is another straight ally who has been outspoken about LGBT rights and participated in the NOH8 campaign.

I wondered if Scott ever just wants to flake out and eat potato chips all day and skip the gym.

Not a chance.

Scott says if he doesn’t work out for a day, he starts to feel crummy.

Looks like he hasn’t had many crummy days.


P1020698 by you.

2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.

2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.

2010 GLAAD Media Awards by you.

Additional Awards will be announced during an event in San Francisco on June 5



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  3. April 17th, 2010 at 9:53 pm
    purrmonsta says:

    Loving that Johnny Weir! Be Good Johnny Weir and keep looking fabulous! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

  4. I love the photos of Johnny Weir, he looks lovely, crazy hair and all :)

    The guy from Glee looks super cute.

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  10. Loved the photos… I love Adam without a doubt and I have always adored Johnny. I think the community needs more people like them. Okay, damn you can’t miss Scott Herman in red can you, I’m happy people like him are there to support the community – I wish we had more straight allies like him.

  11. Johnny Weir is adorable! I can’t wait to read your interview with him. I knew that whole “outing” Evan thing was blown WAY out of proportion. Glad you’re giving him an opportunity to set the record straight.

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