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Greg In [West] Hollywood meets Scott Evans!

Greg Hernandez and Scott Evans by you.What an unexpected treat! I was in West Hollywood last night attending the monthly Smoking Cocktail mixer at O Bar when I found out that One Life to Live star Scott Evans was across the street at Hamburger Mary’s for the Legendary Bingo event. I went over and said hello and we chatted for a few minutes.

Scott has been in LA this week having some meetings. He suddenly and shockingly finds himself an unemployed actor now that the soap has decided to write out his character of Officer Oliver Fish and his boyfriend Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell).

The 25-year-old actor seemed upbeat about the future but the manner in which the situation was handed by the show and by ABC must be taking a toll: “It’s their loss,” he said.

He’s right about that. It’s an awfully big loss for the show and especially for the many fans of Scott and Brett.

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14 Remarks

  1. That’s the best way to put it. Its simply their loss.

  2. tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

  3. Interesting that OLTL created KISH to compete with ATWT NUKE, that just when RUKE is starting, they are giving up on KISH. That makes no sense.

  4. It is definitely their loss and they will soon have cause to regret doing this to their best couple and the 2 most talented actors on the show…they did a phenomonal job and are greatly loved by many..
    shame on OLTL for ending the beautifl Kish love story…..

  5. March 18th, 2010 at 11:42 am
    willie thomas says:

    It most certainly is their loss what a chicken crap thing for ABCD to do. It is their loss the loss of all the viewers who came for Kish and all the viewers that they had that will be leaving with Kish!!!
    Their mamas!!!!

  6. March 18th, 2010 at 1:59 pm
    willie thomas says:

    I sense a cancellation in OLTL’s future. It seems to me they are setting up with a final hurrah.

  7. OLTL used Kish as the scapegoat in their excuse for their drop in ratings but they will soon see an even bigger loss when the countless Kish fans who watch only to see them leave with them……

  8. KISH was THE only reason i watched OLTL. when they go i go. not only is it their loss, it’s our loss also because we may never see this beautiful storyline unfold.

  9. OMG. If I had known Fish was across the street I would have been right behind u Greg. I’m a big OLTL fan. I have to say though that I thought the Fish/Kyle storyline was pretty weak in the writing and cliched. Their acting was pretty good though and Fish is a little hotty.

  10. Scott and Brett were the reason I watched OLTL. It is so incredibly stupid that they were fired. They made such a difference to so many people. As to the comment by ABC that they did not resonate with the “mainstream audience”, do they really want that kind of bigoted audience? Does rape and incest resonate with that audience? I for one will never watch OLTL again and I was a lifetime fan. So very sad and unnecessary.

  11. their loss is right. once scott is gone so am I as a viewer.

  12. Dean – agree with you 100% and what everybody else said basically.

    Once KISH is gone from OLTL it’s bye bye from me too.

    It all sucks royally, because the fans were never even given closure.

    They shot themselves in the foot! To say the least..

  13. I only started watching OLTL again because of the Kish storyline, and now that I know they get the baby and disappear, I’ve already stopped watching.
    I wish Scott and Brett the best in their future endeavors, and it definitely is ABC’s loss.

  14. I agree. I only watched OLTL because if Scott’s and Brett’s story. They did an awesome job. I tape the show and FF through the scenes that are not theirs.

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