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Greg In Hollywood’s Live Emmy Blog! [Updated constantly!] all!

I’m at a private Emmy viewing party with friends, we’ve got the E! red carpet pre-show on and the first Gregitini (pomegranate juice and champagne) has been poured! We are ready to watch some red carpet action!

3: 02 p.m. Jane Lynch says to Ryan Seacrest: ‘I’m gleeful!” Off-the-shoulder gown, she looks great! She said doing Madonna in the “Vogue” video was “a dream I did not even dare to ask.”

Jane and Ryan talked about her wax figure recently unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood: “It was kind of like seeing yourself in the coffin,” Jane said. “Almost like you were at your own funeral.”

3:05 p.m. Host Jimmy Fallon is chatting up Ryan Seacrest. He says he’s a little bit nervous: “You can;t help but be nervous … I talked in my sleep, did the opening in my sleep.” Fallon says the opening are going to involved a lot of people (I’ve heard Betty White!) and adds: “I want to play with everybody, I want to get everybody involved.”

3:13: Not feeling bitter about not getting red carpet credentials surprisingly. I love the Emmys! Really rooting for Krya Sedgwick to FINALLY win for The Closer. She is so overdue! Would love to see Matthew Morrison win for Glee (best actor in a comedy) and anyone but Tina Fey for best actress in a comedy!

3:16: Ryan Seacrest is interviewing the cast of Jersey Shore via satellite and it is painfully bad! Please cut this fiasco short!

3:17: Ty Burrell of Modern Family gabbing with Seacrest. He’s talking about Ed O’Neil being snubbed by Emmy (I know the feeling!). Now Kelly Osbourne is on and she had a fiasco with driver dropping her off three blocks away from Nokia so she had to walk. Then they wouldn’t let her in! But she did get in obviously. Ryan wants to know how she got so skinny and she says it is a half hour on the treadmill each day. Any more and it would be boring. Bitch!

3:25 p.m. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was just interviewed by Seacrest. Almost as bad as the Jersey Shore chat. Poor Ryan. Joel McHale of Community and The Soup followed the mayor and they talked about all his nude scenes. He shoulda lifted his shirt a la “The Situation.”

3:28: Kathy Griffin just signed the E! camera lense with this message: “Suck it. Whatever.”

3:30: E! is on commercial so I can bore you with who I want to see win: Chris Colfer for supporting actor in a comedy (it is the first award to be presented!); Jane Lynch (please, please, please) for supporting actress in a comedy. Glee for outstanding comedy! And perhaps most of all: Michael C. Hall for Dexter! It is time!

3:31: Kathy Griffin and her mom Maggie talking to her nemesis Ryan Seacrest. Ryan has his Emmy on hand, Kathy held it and said: “This is like a nightmare.” Maggie looks wonderful in a JC Penny outfit and says: ‘I really like you Ryan, don’t listen to what she says.”

3:35: Kim Kardashian talking to Seacrest. producer of her reality show. I can’t pretend to care. Kim claims she is looking for “a normal Armenian boy.” Of course this is part of an episode of the show which I have not seen five seconds of. Now a REAL talent arrives: Lea Michele of Glee! It’s Lea’s birthday. She is 24 and wearing Oscar de la Renta. Kim is doing the interview for some reason and only wants to talk dresses and bling. Lea does look smashing. She says Cory Monteith is “eating like a girl right now” because he might have to wear a “mankini” in the Rocky Horror episode.

3:39: Nominee (and certain winner) Claire Daines who is up for the Emmy for Temple Grandin. Now Nigel Lythgoe is on with Ryan who asks him if “there is any new news” regarding American Idol. He says they will need to have new judges signed and ready to go within the next three weeks. He said there are rumors that American Idol might win tonight. He complained to me yesterday about Idol never winning. We’ll have to see!
3:46: Ryan gabbing with nominee Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. She lost her earring just now but has bigger problems: her boyfriend was in a car accident! He’s on the mend. Ryan told her the dress “fits like a glove.” Now Ryan’s co-hort Giuliana Rancic is chatting with nominee Jon Hamm and his fabulous girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. Will he finally win the Emmy for Mad Men? Not if Michael C. Hall gets his due. Jennifer said her first Hollywood crush was Shaun Cassidy and Jon says his was Tatum O’Neal.

3:53: Two-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) says winning again would be like “more dessert.” He says he would love for Betty White to guest on his show “as a mean, nasty drug dealer.”

Emmy Awards 2010 Red Carpet

3:57: Glee creator Ryan Murphy looks HOT in a Tom Ford-designed suit (in a cool shade of blue) with matching glasses. Bow tie. A male cast member will have to wear a pair of gold lame briefs for the Rocky Horror episode of Glee and they are panicked! Please let it be Cory Monteith!

4:00 January Jones just told Ryan she cannot have any muscle tone during the season of taping Mad Men. She said they are currently shooting the last episode of season four. Tina Fey followed her and said there is a rule on 30 Rock “that I am not allowed to have any muscle tone either.” Christina Hendricks is now on the platform and the cameraman keeps doing close-ups of her cleavage. Well, it is pretty impressive cleavage.

4:03: Finally Ross Mathews is given a chance to chat up someone for E! He kicks off things with Julie Benz. He’s going some kind of fashion cam thing. Seems silly to me. Kelly Osbourne is a fashion expert for E! How do you qualify for that job?

4:17: Neil Patrick Harris chatting with Seacrest about his and David Burtka’s twins which are due in October. “It’s the crazy calm before the ridiculous storm,” NPH says. He then asks Ryan if he is interested in having kids? And who with? He tells Ryan he can’t wait for a break in his career to have kids!

4:20: Giuliana is talking to my fave Kyra Sedwick who has been nominated five straight years and has yet to win. Kyra says – and seems to mean it: “It’s such a vote of confidence each year to keep getting nominated. I’d love to win, I’m not going to lie.” She says she and hubby Kevin Bacon been together 22 years and remember to be kind to each other.

4:26: Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are gabbing with Seacrest and share that today is their seventh wedding anniversary. Amy just had another baby three weeks ago and looks totally trim except for huge boobs. … Julia Louis-Dreyfus, nominated for last season of New Adventures of Old Christine, says her son is going off to college. Of her fifth nomination for Christine she said: “It’s a great comfort to be nominated this year particularly.” She said show, which was criminally canceled by CBS, launches in syndication in September.

4:31: Steve Carell talking to Seacrest talking about leaving The Office and who would replace him. I could care less. Sorry. They just showed Glenn Close on red carpet and she looks fab! She’s gotta be in her 60s. The definition of ageless.

4:34: Julianna Margulis chatting with Guiliana (can’t they spell it the same way). she is not only the front-runner for best lead actress is drama series (The Good Wife) but will also be presenting her old ER co-star George Clooney with a humanitarian award tonight.

Emmy Awards 2010 Red Carpet

4:37: We’ve switched from E! to NBC’s countdown show. Billy Bush just said to Glee star Matthew Morrison: “What’s going on handsome?” Big flirt. Who has better hair? Billy or Matthew? I say toss-up! Matthew talking about high school days and juggling being a jock and thespian. He brought his high school teacher/mentor with him as his plus-one. What a guy! Students at the Orange County High School of the Performing Arts, where Matthew attended, are together and just cheered for him. I got goose bumps. Matthew looks like he’s going to cry. I’m so glad we switched channels!
4:40: Wanda Sykes is talking to Maria Menudos from inside the Nokia Theatre. Wanda says if she loses, she will take Betty White home, put her in her trunk and put her on her mantle. Wanda looks hot! She is feeling the arm of Ty Burell’s suit and he says, “Doesn’t that make you want to snuggle?”

4:42: Billy Bush just asked Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, together 12 years, when they are going to get married. Egads. I still love Billy’s hair.

4:49: Maria Menudos talking to Modern Family’s Julie Bowen inside Nokia. She just had twins (Bowen) and looks absolutely gorgeous. Famous women do not gain weight during pregnancy. Now cut to Billy Bush talking to Glee star Lea Michelle and Billy just handed her a peanut butter and chocolate birthday cupcake (in a jar).

4:56: NBC is wrapping up their show by doing a fashion recap (yawn). Why are the Emmys reduced to a fashion show? Let’s talk to more nominees instead! January Jones‘ Versace dress just got dissed. She looks like she tried something different. Anna Paquin’s Alexander McQueen dress being panned. They are making jokes, like she looks like a bullfighter.

The Emmys are now beginning! Won’t be live-blogging as intensely but will be posting about winners of the major categories.

Enjoy the show everyone!



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