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Greg In Hollywood turns 3! That’s 7,232 posts!

Oscars 2009: Greg Hernandez

Good grief, the third anniversary marking the launch of Greg In Hollywood was last Friday (March 2) and I forgot to make a big deal out of it! It’s not like me to miss out on an opportunity for self promotion!

Well, better late than never!

I decided to add a few things up. In the past 36 months, I have done 7,232 posts!


That’s a whole lot of Morning Men, Showtune Sundays, I Love Lucy Fridays and all the rest!

For those of you who don’t know how Greg In Hollywood got started, a little bit of history: I was an entertainment writer for the Los Angeles Daily News and had started the blog Out In Hollywood in the summer of 2006.

Unfortunately for me, they decided to lay me off the day after the Oscars in 2009. In the photo here, I had found out, through sources, that I was about to lose my job just a day earlier. But decided to go to the Oscars anyway. I must have been in a daze because I forgot to iron my pants!

I then stayed home the next day and wrote up all my coverage before they could call and officially kick me to the curb!

Anyway, once I went in to clean out my desk, it was clear that not only was I not going to have a job, I was not going to have a blog – at least not the one I had founded and built up over 2.5 years.

The archives, the editor of the Daily News told me, were theirs. But I could use the Out In Hollywood name if I made clear that it had nothing to do with them.

Uh, no thanks.

So, I had to start over. Changed the name from Out In Hollywood to Greg In Hollywood and got rolling again.

It was scary but exciting and I had the most magnificent people helping me every step of the way. Without Danny Sullivan, Kate Cohen, Val Cohen and Lorna Harris I would never have been able to launch Greg In Hollywood exactly one week after I was given my walking papers.

Here is a LINK to how it all unfolded.

On the occasion of this third anniversary, I want to thank those four magnificent people, publicly, once more. I will never forget how they were there for me during what could have been a terrible ending but was instead a beautiful new beginning.

Here is to many more years of Greg In Hollywood!


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10 Remarks

  1. Happy 3rd Blogiversary, Greg! I always enjoy reading you!

  2. March 5th, 2012 at 1:01 pm
    RichB in PS says:

    ‘Here is to many more years of Greg In Hollywood!’ I discovered your blog just about one year ago, so it’s an anniversary with me as well.

  3. March 5th, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    ND Mitchell says:

    Congrats! Break out the champagne!

  4. Wow has it been 3 years! I remember discovering you at the LA Daily News..and was so surprised that the conservative newspaper had you on their staff…being let go from that position was really a blessing in disguise…I am so happy for your continuing success. You are a real professional and it’s the one spot I visit everyday for the latest news in the entertainment world…continued happiness and success…

  5. Still pretty new here, and already I *love* Greg In Hollywood. Congratulations…and thank you!

  6. March 5th, 2012 at 4:39 pm
    K. Martinez says:

    Way to go Greg! You’ve earned every bit of success that’s come your way. I’ve been following Greg In Hollywood from the beginning as well as your days at the LA Daily News. Your site is my No.1 source for gay/entertainment news. Congradulations!

  7. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! I really enjoy visiting your site everyday!

  8. Well done, Greg! Am hoping for 3 more years (times ten or so). Thanks for all you do.

  9. Greg, Reading your blog has become an enjoyable daily routine – one of my favorites! Yes, I keep up with all of the news, starting with Google and always finishing up with Greg In Hollywood. And you make it very entertaining! Congratulations! Excellent blog!

  10. Congratulations and much success at Gay Star News. Living on the east coast, you are my portal to what’s happening in Hollywood. I look forward to your daily articles to view the famous and infamous people. And the Morning Men are an extra treat…sometimes I have to take extra vitamins to keep me from passing out with excitement. Keep up the great work!

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