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Greg In Hollywood talks to Mark Deklins about his new series “Lone Star” which airs tonight on Fox

The heatwave in Southern California is causing my brain to melt.  Mark Deklin was supposed to be today’s Morning Man because his series, Lone Star, has its second airing tonight.

So why don’t I just wait a week? Because I fear for the fate of this well-reviewed but poorly-rated new drama on Fox that got buried last week by ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, the season premiere of CBS’s Two and a Half Men and the new NBC drama The Event.

I’m hoping Fox will either be patient with this terrific new show or move it to a less competitive timeslot!

Anyway, let’s get to know Mark a little bit. I chatted with him during last month’s TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour and he could not have been nicer.

He told me this about his character: “Trammel Thatcher is the eldest son, scion, heir to the throne so to speak. On paper, he can be a pill, a bad, mean guy. What I’ve tried to bring to the character is the human quality. What drives him more than anything else isn’t greed or power but he wants his dad’s approval. His whole life he’s gone to the right schools, he’s done all the right things and he just can’t get dad to say, ‘I’m proud of you son, you’ve done a good job.’ And it kills him, it’s eating him up. At a human level, I try to make that a motivating factor. Trammel is going to do some bad things but we don’t want anybody to be black and white. Trammel is not a mustache twirling villain. He’s a guy with some conflcts. As an actor, it’s much more interesting because you get to flesh out a human being instead of just a cardboard cut out.”

Here is some background on the handsome actor:

“I’ve only been in LA for about five years,” Mark says. “Before that I primarily made my living as a stage actor in New York. I was sort of just dabbling in TV and films here and there but for the past five years I’ve been lucky with a string of guest stars and recurring roles. It’s been great. But this is the first time someone had said, ‘Here’s a contract, we really like you. Stick around.”

How did he land the role?

“I was brought in very late. When I walked into the room, I don’t know what direction they were going in. But apparently a lot of guys they had seen were making the choice to play it that sort of like evil guy. So I made my own choices to make him more charming and humorous and vulnerable. I ended up giving the right audition.

“It all happened very quickly. I left the room, walked to the car and my manager said, ‘You’re testing.” Then I got in the car and she called and said, ‘Fox already knows, [Execs] just have to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down. Then a few hours later I got the thumbs up. Then a few days later I was in  Dallas. It was crazy.”

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