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Greg In Hollywood pre-show live-blog from the Daytime Emmys in downtown Los Angeles!

P1010785 by you.

Hello all! Happy Daytime Emmy Day! What will happen today? Will Ellen DeGeneres win again or will the ladies of The View finally win after 11 seasons? Stay tuned.

The live blogging begins!

4: 05 p.m. I’m sitting back here in the press room of the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Snapped a few pics on the way in of the marquee and of lovely Noelle Beck who plays Lily Snyder on CBS’ As the World Turns. She sure is pretty and, a damned fine actress.

4:09 p.m. I can’t say I’m sorry to not be on the red carpet because it is HOT out there. I’ll be bringing to you all the backstage happenings as they happen so if you’re watching (live in the CW starting at 5 p.m.), hang out with me online.

4:11 p.m. Right now, Dr. Phil is being interviewed by Lara Spencer: “I think our show is more relevant than it’s ever been.” He promises his show will be very solution-oriented.

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4:17 p.m. Jeopardy host Alex Trebeck being interviewed on red carpet and seems very superficial all of a sudden: “I love coming here and looking at all the beautiful yoiung people … I’m happy they scheduled this before Labor Day so I could bring out the white dinner jacket.”

4: 19 p.m. Full disclosure: I could not sop sneezing as I was getting dressed so I popped a few Benydrol’s. I now am sorta loopy.

4:20 Tony Geary talking to Lara Spencer.  The General Hosptal star is nominated for best actor and if he wins, it will be his seventh Emmy.  “I really am very fortunate for 30 years on the show that I have a writer and producer on the show who find the character so interesting that they keep trying to come up with new stuff.”

Lara Spencer then asked Luke Spencer where he keeps the trophies. Geary keeps two in his home in Amsterdam; the other four are at home in LA.

4:30 p.m. Tyra Banks was asked about her hair and tells Lara: “This is so not my real hair. This is so beyond fake.” On Sept. 8, Tyra says she’s going to reveal to the world he real hair on her show. I. Can’t. Wait.

4:34 p.m.: Ellen DeGeneres says on red carpet: “I always enjoy being nominated whether I win or not.” She is asked to give host Vanessa Williams advice and Ellen says: “Oh, she’s hosting tonight?” She then says to make sure there is lotsa “ice and toilet paper.” Not really that funny but I love Ellen. Portia de Rossi is here too. Gorgeous.

4:41 p.m. The very handsome Dan Gosgrove is nominated for Guiding Light and said of his show’s demioase: “It’s  bittwersweet. It’s a 72 year old institution and it has come to an end.”

4:45 p.m. Lara Spencer is interviewing Big Bird. I have no words.

4:53 p.m.: Erik Estrada is being interviewed  by Lara. Again, I have no words.

4:55 p.m. Jennie Garth being interviewed by ET’s Kevin Frazier. She is so lovely and talked about playing Kelly Taylor on the new 902190. She was one of the stars of the original Beverly Hills 90210. “I’m really proud that it has come up to life,” says Jennie who adds that in the 90s, the old show seemed edgy but looking at the episocdes now, they seem so sweet.



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