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Greg in Hollywood is an extra in “Kiss Me, Kill Me” starring Van Hansis and Gale Harold

I am so ready for my close up.

Okay, I’ll settle for maybe a second or two in the background – as part of the crowd – in a nightclub scene in a movie.

So it happened!

Director Casper Andreas invited me to be an extra for the night for some scenes in Kiss Me, Kill Me which stars, among others, Van Hansis, Gale Harold, Kit Williamson, Jai Rodriguez, Jonathan Lisecki, Matthew Ludwinski, Allison Lane, and Yolanda Ross.

The film is described as an Alfred Hitchcock/Agatha Christie-style whodunit set in West Hollywood.

I arrived at Here Lounge in West Hollywood as a scene was being shot so signed my permission form and chatted with Van, Kit and Jai as they were waiting for their call. Van and Kit star together in the terrific Eastsiders series.

I was not aware that Gale Harold was even there until we were called to stand around as club-goers for a scene and he had to make his way through the crowd. He walked by me repeatedly in this scene and I had to act like he was just any other person in the crowd.

But it was Brian Kinney!

During a break chatted with screenwriter-producer David Michael Barrett who told me how the movie came together.

I ended up being on the set for four hours as part of three different scenes. In one of them, I held a martini which was really colored water. Drat.

I have to compliment Casper and his entire crew for what is a very organized and well-run set. They know what they are doing and they get it done but there’s also a sense of fun through it all.

My pal Andrea Krauss and I had some big laughs as we made up fake conversations and drama during the background filming. We mimed words, bounced our heads to music that was not there but tried not to ham it up too much.

My favorite part was hanging out with Kit and Van for a few minutes after filming. They are both such great guys. We hugged goodnight and I went back to my car and felt like a movie star for about five more minutes.

They were on day seven of an 18 day shoot.

I’ll be writing more about the movie as they near a release date.


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  1. January 17th, 2015 at 10:50 am
    Dian Kilborn says:

    I bet you had fun. I spent three 18 hr days as part of the crowd at an arena for Rocky 4 and I will never forget it! Never got to meet anyone but saw everything. Sylvester Stalone gave 3.00 to the Vancouver Foodbank for each one of us for each day. The food was good and they threw lots of prize draws and stuff to amuse us between takes. Believe it or not, even the coffee was good and the wealth of donuts didn’t hurt either!

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