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Greg In Hollywood in top 50 gay blogs list – at #49

Just got an email informing me that Greg In Hollywood has been named one of the Top 50 Gay Blogs by Gayborhood.

Happy to be included by the skin of my teeth – #49!

But Gay Star News, the site for which I am the main US correspondent, was ranked #1!

The complete list is HERE.

My only quibble is they describe me as a ‘former journalist.’ I’m a former newspaper journalist, like a lot of people, but – for now – I’m still a journalist!


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18 Remarks


    You clearly belong higher up on the list! Your blog is informative, always interesting and you have terrific taste and excellent knowledge of Hollywood. You love what you do and it shows. We love it too.

    Congrats on behalf of all your readers. Keep up the fine work and don’t change. You have a real talent for communication and a appreciation for the arts. Hope you have many, many productive and creative years ahead.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Max – very much appreciated! xo

  3. Max is so right! I love your format, your selections which are both informative and entertaining. I look at your blog each day! It’s No. One in my list!

  4. Thank you Brew69!!!!!

  5. Congrats!!

  6. December 5th, 2014 at 1:55 pm
    Robert Goldhammer says:

    Congratulations, love reading your column everyday

    Have a great Holiday

    Regards RG

  7. Congrats Greg. I first heard about WilSon from you and have been hooked since!

  8. I don’t remember how many years I been with you Greg and never say much, but, I enjoy your blog all the time, never missing your jots! A big Congrats to you Greg Boi!

  9. Thanks so much Tim!

  10. Thank you Joey!!!!!!

  11. Much appreciated Robert – thanks so much!

  12. Thanks very much Andrew :)

  13. Screw that former journalist nonsense. In my book, you rank among the top with distinguished fellow journalists i.e. Anderson Cooper and Thomas Roberts…and my daily addictive read. Congrats on the ’50 List’!

  14. Congrats Greg! It’s definitely well deserved. And the Gay Star News success is fantastic too! You’ve done a lot to be proud of. May you have continued success and bigger achievements in your future.

  15. Congratulations! Keep on the good work going Greg and it is my number one gay blog by the way.

  16. Congrats, Greg! Having said that, your blog should be in the upper 10, not 49. I actually went over the 48 blogs which you had shown, (thanks to my current under-employment with lots of time which should have been devoted to earning solid income.) Wondering why yours ended up with 49th, not higher, I noticed several points in the upper 10th. The first is that the blogs that had lots of well-funded sponsorships seemed to get higher. And the second point is (JMHO, though), the tabloid (celebrity scandals) sort of gossip blogs seem to have earned higher rank. So, my conclusion for you is: please keep up your journalistic and informative style, and have a wonderful merry Christmas!

  17. Congratulations! I’ve been following you since your Out in Hollywood days and stop by every day. Keep up the good work.

  18. Thanks for all the incredibly kind words of support everyone – it is very much appreciated!!!

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