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Greg In Hollywood chats with Casey Deidrick about leaving the role of Chad on “Days of Our Lives”

Casey Deidrick has been one of my favorite actors on NBC’s Days of Our Lives ever since I started watching the show a few years ago.

My interest in the show came with the introduction of the gay character of Sonny Kiriakis then, of course, the coming out of Will Horton and all that led to the daytime supercouple of WilSon.

Casey’s character of Chad DiMera was good friends with the gay characters from the beginning and established himself right away as a straight ally who was supportive and protective of his friends.

So I was sad to learn that Casey had decided to leave the show and the role of Chad which he had played for more than four years. His last episode airs on October 31.

I’m not sure what will happen to Chad but on recent episodes, he’s been having headaches and the doctor said he might have a brain tumor.

This would be a terrible development because not only is Casey incredibly tall and handsome, but he has the best head of hair in all of daytime TV and a tumor would probably mean they would have to shave it off!

Anyway, I chatted with Casey recently about his decision to leave Days and about Chad’s loyalty to Sonny and Will.

‘I’m kind of bummed because they kind of dropped the Will and Sonny and Chad storyline,’ he says. ‘A lot of the fans were responding to it. I so enjoyed working with those two. It was so much fun. It just kind of went away. i know the fans enjoyed our scenes together, liked the three of us together. I thought that was one of the cool things about Chad because you were gay, so what? No matter what you are my friend, I love that they wrote my character that way.’

Chad has had plenty on his plate besides his bromance with Will and Sonny. He was the object of Gabi’s affection to the point where she hired a fake stalker who then kidnapped his then-girlfriend Melanie. After Chad found out what Gabi had done and Melanie had left him, the usually upbeat character turned dark and ruined Gabi’s wedding to Nick by announcing to the entire church that Gabi was pregnant with someone else’s baby (he did not know that someone else was his gay friend Will!)

“That was the most fun I think l’ve had on the show,’ Casey admits. ‘Everyone wants to play someone they are not. I’m such a chill, relaxed guy. I got to do a lot of cool stuff. I’m thankful they gave me a chance to play that.’

But it wasn’t enough for him to want to extend his time on the show.

‘I basically just wanted to pursue other opportunities,’ he says. ‘I feel like I learned everything that I could from the soap opera, it was my boot camp. It was never my end game in the first place But I’m thankful for the time I had and the people I got to work with.”

Since he taped his final episode earlier this summer, Casey is now adjusting to days of his life without the soap.

‘It’s a transitional period,’ he says. ‘Change is always hard and weird at first. I’m keeping myself busy with auditions and my music.’

He has signed with the United Talent Agency and is looking to land roles in feature films and prime-time shows and ideally sees himself on one of the younger-skewing shows on The CW.

“I feel like that’s my calling, the CW,’ he says. ‘I’d also love to get on an HBO show. I’m obsessed with Walking Dead.

Casey did a guest spot on Glee last season and it turned out to be the last episode that series star Cory Monteith ever appeared in. Monteith wrapped up his season a bit early in order to enter a drug rehab. He died last month from a toxic mixing of heroin and alcohol.

“He was a super down to Earth, a really fun guy to be around,’ Casey says. ‘When I first heard the news I was in shock. It was so much fun to work with him. We got to talk a bit and he made my experience enjoyable.’

Casey is also keeping busy with his heavy metal band called The Last of Us whose members also include Chandler Massey who plays Will Horton on the soap. They will soon begin production of their first video for the song Sixty-Five Roses about the experiences of someone living, loving and dying with the tragic illness.

Let’s hope that’s not Chad’s fate!

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16 Remarks

  1. The band’s name isn’t “The Last of Us” anymore, it’s now “And Still I Rise”.

  2. I am so sad that Chad is leaving Days….I have been watching the show for 30 years and loved his character. I so wanted him and Abigail to get together FINALLY. He and his character will be missed!!!!

  3. i’m 67 and think casey is absolutely gorgeous. good luck to you! your character will definately be missed…

  4. August 28th, 2013 at 1:24 pm
    Pitbull's mom says:

    I’m the same age too and have been watching the show since I was in college back in 1973. Actors have come and gone but have really enjoyed the newer up and comers like Casey. I wish him well and look forward to see what is next in his acting future!

  5. Sorry to see you go, Casey. Are you and Molly still an item? I wish you the best in all your future endevours. ….you definitely deserve it. I love the name of your band…”And Still I Rise”… I hope no one is pulling our leg here…Nonrtheless, the name has a double entendre…was that your intention? As a child of the 60′s, I had many friends who started different bands with names that meant something to us, but oh, so misunderstood by others! This name is very much reminiscent of my youth. Good luck. Ciao.

  6. I am so sorry to see chad leaving my favorite soap. I have been watching Days of my Lives for a decade now. chad has been a great actor and really going to miss him. I hope him all the luck in the future.may God bless you!!!

  7. Does this mean you’ll be a guest member in the Walking Dead in the future, I hope it’ll be a good short time character. My wife and I will miss you on being on the Soap Opera “Days Of Our Lives”

    Good Luck

  8. I had no idea that casey was leaving the chad role, I am so sorry to see him go, I wish they would keep the character open to negotiations for maybe his return to the role later, Good Luck Casey in whatever you do

  9. I am going to truly miss you Chad. I am in tears because, watching you die on that table and knowing you won’t be coming back hurts me. You are one fine white boy that I would love to date. Wish you well in all your do. Hope to see you soon back on tv. Xoxo

  10. I have been watching DOOL for 43 years. Have enjoyed every day of it. my 5 kids were raised knowing all about DAYS. :-) as adults they still ask whats haopening on Days mom, mentioning everyone by name. I will be sorry to see you go ‘Chad’ but I wish you the best in everything you do. Hopefully, knowing DOOL as I do, you could be back. Even if they kill you off. :-) I sure hope that is the case that we will see you back! But will enjoy watching you on your new project you choose! Best to you Casey! Always. Great job you have done on DOOL! Great on the eyes too! :-)

  11. I am so shocked and sad at the same time to see you leave days! I was really hoping for you and Abby to have a child together after you tie the knot! :)

  12. No no why Chad I’m not gay but he is my favorite why not get rid of someone else leave Chad b give him more money don’t let him die please get rid of Kristen I really don’t like her

  13. I like Chad’s character until he deceived Cameron. He had a chance with
    Abigai earlier but he wasn’t interested in her; he needed someone like
    Melanie who was more exciting. They made a good and believable couple.
    Abigal is boring just like Cameron and they should be together.

  14. Hi, another Carole here, also in her sixties. But feeling the same as I did when I was in my twenties. What is it with women our age drooling over much younger guys like Casey?!! SHAME ON US! Truthfully, though, I try never to date anyone over 45 and he has to be hot! Are you shocked? What about Kate and Rafe? And here’s the kicker, ladies, it’s not hard at all to find interested men in that age group. My kids just shake their heads and joke around about their mother, the cougar. We all know that nobody looks twice when it’s a older man and a way younger woman, right? Well, I don’t believe in that old double standard. I don’t consider myself, as Nicole would put it, a skank. And yeah, it WAS our generation that came up with that slogan about making love, not war, but I am not promiscuous, just particular. I am not looking for anything permanent, but I want relationships, not one-night-stands…I’m digressing here! Let’s get back to the point I want to make: While Chad (Casey) is incredibly hot and his character is basically sweet, I gotta say that Cameron (Nathan) is the one who really does it for me. He is probably the most gorgeous man that I have ever seen. (Shawn Christian (Daniel) is a close second.) I recommend that you Google Nathan Owens and take a look at some of his photos. I especially love the one where his hair is long (OMG!!). Another thing is that he looks like he really wants to rip his clothes off in a lot of those pictures. I am thinking that he probably really was a male exotic dancer, although I didn’t find anything online to support that. His eyes are just phenomenal, too. And I love how understated his acting is. His eyes say so much. I hope he doesn’t leave Days anytime soon. Regarding Casey, I would just like to say “goodbye Casey and good luck”! I hope you return to Days in the future, even if it’s just occasionally, between gigs. I really don’t want to see anybody but you in that role. Love and gratitude to you for your excellent portrayal of Chad DiMera. xoxox

  15. November 5th, 2013 at 5:57 pm
    Elaine Murphy says:

    Chad did a fine job on DAYS, wish him all the best. Hope to see him acting soon.

  16. Screw CW, go for MTV, Teen Wolf is the bomb. I am trying to get Molly Burnett on it, I keep pitching her name at them left and right on facebook and everywhere related. It’d be awesome to get him on there as well.

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