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GLAAD Media Awards: Greg’s red carpet recap

Just got back from the GLAAD Media Awards and wanted to get these red carpet photos that I took posted right away.

So what if President Bill Clinton (the night’s big honoree) or presenters Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Toby Maguire, Betty White, Alex Pettyfer and host Drew Barrymore did not walk the red carpet.

There were plenty of cool people to talk to (or at least get photos of in some cases) starting with the Evans family.

They were not doing interviews and had finished posing for photos down at the other end but were nice enough to stop and pose for me when I mentioned to Lisa Evans, mother of Chris Evans and Scott Evans, that I enjoyed seeing her with her son Scott on One Life to Live.

No such flattery needed to get Matt Bomer to stop and say hello. The White Collar star and partner Simon Halls were rushing in close to show time (Matt was one of the first presenters) but Matt came over and said, “We’ve got to take a photo together.”) So here it is! And who took it? Simon, one of the most high-publicists in Hollywood. Then Simon said to me: “Read you every day” and mentioned the Morning Man feature.

That was s-weet.

Would have loved to say hello to Trevor Donovan but, for the second year in a row at the GLAAD event, he rushed by most of the red carpet. He had gotten his photo taken by the banks of photographers and I guess that was the purpose for showing up since he wasn’t a presenter.

Trevor did stop for a split second when I called his name but acted as if he were being pulled by gravity off of the red carpet.

Matt Dallas, the actor who came out earlier this year, was a little more polite about not giving interviews. He smiled and told me he was all done with them and agreed to pose for a photo.

Days of Our Lives stars Kate Mansi (Abigail) and Nathan Owens (Cameron) did more than pose for a photo. They chatted a good long while about the show’s gay storyline involving Will and Sonny which, as you know, is followed closely here on Greg In Hollywood.

Will share our interview in the coming days.

Then there was Sonny himself - Freddie Smith. We had a nice interview about the Will and Sonny plot and about his acting relationship with Chandler Massey (Will). I’ve noted in some of my recent Days posts that Freddie as Sonny has been able to really flex some acting muscles and is doing a terrific job.

Had a wonderful chat with Peter Paige, the Queer as Folk alum who is one of the creators and writers on the new ABC Family series The Fosters and will share that with you soon. The series premieres in June.

I was so moved while chatting with Shane Bitney Crone whose story is the focus of the documentary Bridegroom to premiere this week at the Tribeca Film Festival.

It tells what happened after his partner of six years, Tom Bridegroom, was killed in an accidental fall off of a building in their Los Feliz neighborhood. Shane’s grief was compounded by the heartless actions of Tom’s homophobic family subsequently but he was also treated with indifference by most of hospital staff.

After we talked, I gave Shane a hug because he just moves me so. Our interview will post this week.

Also had good interviews with a pair of LGBT activists who have really led the way in the fight against the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay members. Jennifer Tyrrell, the lesbian den mother kicked out of her son’s troop because of her sexuality; and Zach Wahls, an amazing young man from Iowa who spoke to the Iowa Judiciary Committee in 2011 about his two moms and a YouTube video of his comments went very, very viral.

It was good to chat with Omar Sharif Jr. (yes, his grandfather is the Doctor Zhivago star). He has just joined the staff of GLAAD as a national spokesperson!

Had exactly five seconds or so to ask Andrew Rannells a question before he was rushed in. I don’t remember what it was or what he said. Will have to listen to the recorder later.

And finally, there is Thomas Roberts, the MSNBC anchor whose morning show is a great way to start the day.

Thomas does such a marvelous job tackling the big stories of the day but I am especially grateful for his handling of LGBT topics. I’m so glad he’s where he is at in this time in our history.

My interview with Thomas will also be seen soon.

But first, I’ve got to get to bed!

PHOTOS: 1) Chris Evans, Nancy Evans and Scott Evans 2) Matt Bomer and Simon Halls 3) Greg Hernandez and Matt Bomer 4) Trevor Donovan 5) Matt Dallas 6) Kate Mansi and Nathan Owens 7) Greg Hernandez and Freddie Smith 8) Naya Rivera 9) Brad Goreski 10) Rumer Willis and Jayson Blair 11) Andrew Rannells 12) Sara Gilbert 13) Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen 14) Thomas Roberts 15) Greg Hernandez and Thomas Roberts

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5 Remarks

  1. So glad you were able to interview Freddie Smith from Days of our Lives. He is my favorite actor on the show along with Chandler Massey. They are both doing a terrific job on the show. The storyline for their characters is so well-written and they are really making the relationship of Sonny and Will very realistic and believable. It is my favorite storyline and is the reason why I started watching the show. I am looking forward to the upcoming baby storyline involving Will and Sonny and possible custody drama. I really hope TPTB and the writers continue to move forward and have these characters make the relationship a committed one resulting in a lasting union by having Will and Sonny become a supercouple with marriage in the future.

  2. Such a great pic with you and Matt Bomer :D

    And thank you for that little story about Matt and Simon, they are amazing and an inspiration to so many people.

  3. Superb coverage of the GLAAD Media Awards! I feel like I was there when reading your narrative and viewing the photos.

  4. Greg where is Chandler Massey, I don’t see a picture of him anywhere.

  5. Thanks. Matt Bomer is simply awesome. With his talent and looks, it’s admirable how he manages to stay so down to earth and simple. Simon seems pretty chilled out too.

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