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George Takei defends Jodie Foster: ‘Until we have walked in her shoes, we cannot know her heart’

Jodie Foster’s speech at the Golden Globe Awards the other night got both cheers and jeers.

For some people, Jodie was not direct enough in her speech about being a lesbian since she never said the words “lesbian” or gay” and others felt the speech did not pay the proper respect to those who came out long before her at great risk to their careers.

George Takei, however, thinks critics should cut Jodie a break.

Takei, who himself came out publicly late in his career, writes: ‘Remember that this is someone who has spent all of her life in the public eye, and even had a stalker try to kill a president just to impress her,’ he writes in a column posted Tuesday. ‘Until we have walked in her shoes, we cannot know her heart.’

‘So often in the LGBT community we want our heroes to be superhuman, and to do what millions still are unable to do, which is to live openly and proudly with their own identities, even with all cameras rolling,’ Takei adds. ‘Most of us can relate to how difficult it was to come out even to our own friends and families; imagine then, if you will, how much courage it takes to face the judgment of the world.’



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5 Remarks

  1. January 17th, 2013 at 5:25 am
    Chandler In Las Vegas says:

    Then I want to SEE a picture of her shoes :)

  2. Who are these people who make nasty comments and criticize others for coming out and not coming out. It is so safe and easy for some to sit in front of their computers and dictate when others should come out. And from what I’ve read, after a celeb comes out, these people make nasty remarks. A big BRAVO to George for his statement. Greg, I so agree with yesterday’s comment from you: “……….people, whether they are famous or not, should come out whenever they are damned ready no matter what anybody says.”

  3. Well said, George!

  4. I do agree with George. But I did have a problem with the fact that Jodie didn’t have to display herself this way. She could had just been classy either not discuss it -or address it. Because it looked like she was getting ready to make a statement and then halfway through changed her mind and backed down. She made it like she was embarrassed to address the issue -but brought it up anyway I was very uncomfortable for her and the audience, who didn’t know how to respond. She would had just been fine without making the speech.

  5. I agree with G Takei. What a wise man. Just the matter of the stalker; you can’t imagine how it changes your life and for how long. Example… having to give my home address when getting a library card one day became a major decision… I just couldn’t do it. It was some years before I was willing to say much about my personal life to anyone. Anything that could affect my family even longer. Being in the public eye…it’s not a normal existence without the rest.

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