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George Takei and others speak out on gay marriage

Brad Altman and husband George Takei arrive at the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in LAWith so much going on right now on the marriage front including Iowa and Vermont legalizing same-sex marriages, New York Gov. David Paterson’s proposing a gay marriage bill in his state,  and the California Supreme Court set to announce any day now whether or not to uphold Proposition 8.
I chatted with some of the stars at the GLAAD Media Awards about all of it over the weekend and want to now share with you their thoughts in their own words:
George Takei, who married Brad Altman last fall: “Our marriage is solid because Proposition 8 is not retroactive. However, there are many, many more who want to get married. And the whole principal of equality. We live in a Democratic society and people should be treated equally and Proposition 8 is discriminatory and against the ideals of democracy. I’m confident – despite some of the worrisome words some attorneys have expressed – I’m confident that the Supreme Court that ruled that there’s a fundamental right to marriage equality will not back down on that. That they will declare Proposition 8 null and void and Californians will have equality.”
Kevin Rahm: “I think it’s exciting that states like that are coming around – especially ahead of California! It’s actually embarrassing for California and for the people who voted against it. But I think it’s exciting that the c0mpany is becoming more and more aware and more educated and less bigotry.”
Tuc Watkins: “It’s a beautiful, metaphorical picture that there’s a bridge in the middle of America called Iowa that is connecting the East Coast and the West Coast in progressive mentalities from the center of the country. I think it’s a lesson to all of us. We think we’re so progressive out here in California and there’s still plenty of money coming in from the Morman church and from the state of Utah to support something like Proposition 8 and deny marriage equality and then all of a sudden out of nowhere,  that little state of Iowa stands up and says, ‘We disagree. We think what is right is equality for all.”
Wilson Cruz: “I think (Iowa and Vermont are) an example of the fact that the wind is at our back and you can’t turn this train around. But we also have to remember that it’s going to take hard work. What’s really important to me is I think Prop. 8 in the end, we’re going to look back at it and see that it was a blessing in disguise because it was a real wake-up call to activists and supporters and said, ‘You know what? This is going to take some work, it’s not going to just happen and we have to keep directly involved and keep people’s feet to the fire. Iowa and Vermont I think happened directly out of what happened with Prop. 8.”
Bill Paxton: “It’s like, c’mon. Haven’t we evolved as a society? We have a country full of freedom and yet seems like it’s still not for everyone. It’s like the whole civil rights thing. There’s one kind of freedom for one group, and less and less for another. It’s ridiculous.”
Brad Rowe: “I really feel that state governments, if they’re in the business of giving away drivers licenses, marriage licenses, work permits, if you’re going to discriminate to whom you give a license to, you’ve gotta get out of that business. If we’re going to be giving out marriage certificates as a state, they need to get out of the business until they’re ready to give them to everyone.”
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