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General Hospital: Catching up with already addicting Lucas Jones gay storyline featuring terrific Ryan Carnes!

I’ve been so Days of Our Lives centric that I did not realize General Hospital’s gay storyline involving Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) had been taking off in recent weeks.

I think producers must be buoyed by improved ratings and can see that Days is thriving with a gay storyline. How far we’ve come from when One Life to Live jettisoned all their gay characters abruptly a few years back and still ended up being canceled.

Anyway, let’s hope Days is inspired by General because what I have seen so far with Lucas is far better than what has been going on in Salem with Will and Sonny lately. It just feels edgier and more realistic.

I caught up on all the scenes I could find and I think they are all here. I plan to keep up now and post them for you as soon as they become available.

Ryan, best known previously for Desperate Housewives and the first Eating Out movie, is no longer blond and he gets to show some real acting chops. He. Is. Terrific.

His scenes with his adoptive mom and his bio dad are powerful and he’s so sexy in his scenes with Parry Shen (Brad). Brad is finding himself torn between newcomer Lucas and Felix, a man he’s had feelings for for a long time. Felix is played by the terrific Marc Samuel who I know through doing interviews for his starring role in Hot Guys With Guns.

I’m very excited to see where this triangle goes and major kudos to Ryan Carnes for bringing his A-game to General Hospital and giving me a very good reason to watch!

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4 Remarks

  1. I have been waiting for Ryan to play a another gay role for so many years ever since Marc on EO and Justin on DH. He is just great for all gay audience around the world and a perfect eye candy with good acting skills (not that he can’t play other roles of course).
    I love Lucas’ scenes with Brad so much as there is some REAL sexual chemistry. Will and Sonny to me are always a bit like two backstreet boy style young fellow doing some teenage dream romance. Sure, it is quite relaxing to watch but it is just teen drama which is kind of boring and without much sexual chemistry. But Lucas and Brad are on another level. They are full of sexual chemistry on screen. So, can’t wait for more drama between them and what it will bring to the Brad and Felix burgeoning relationship.

  2. Thanks for posting since I’m a Ryan fanboy and have been following his career since Eating Out.

  3. Already watching and loving this story so much better than the crap gay story on Days now. Excited to watch Lucas and Brad have great chemistry unlike a certain 2 other people on another daytime show

  4. Shame on you for being so late to the boat. You are right, GH is much edgier and realistic with Lucas’ story. Lucas meets a guy that he connects with and he hooks up. Unheard of on American soaps. I’m loving it. Can’t wait to see where this goes and when Felix(Marc Samuel) is more in the mix of it all.

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