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Gay contestant Andy Herren wins “Big Brother”

I’m so not a fan of CBS’s Big Brother and have not for a very long time.

Too many vile people chosen as contestants, people I have no interest in spending even a moment of my time with.

But someone, the show continues and last night wrapped its 15th season (it’s already been renewed for a 16th) and the winner is … Andy Herren!

Andy was the season’s token gay and was the target of offensive comments including being called a ‘queer’ by contestant Aaryn Gries and ‘Kermit the fag’ by fellow finalist Spencer Clawson.

Among the other homophobic comments heard by various houseguests this season: ‘Hey, where’d you put my shorts, queerboy?’ ‘That was the wierdest, gayest face I’ve ever seen,’ ‘Fucking dyke,’ and ‘No one is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up.’

But Andy engaged in his own share of bad behavior including vocally agreeing with fellow finalist GinaMarie Zimmerman that many of the evicted houseguests were ‘robotic biracials.’

The College of DuPage, where the 26-year-old Andy had been working as an adjunct professor, distanced itself earlier this week from Herren because of that incident.

The college made clear on Facebook that Herren no longer works for them as a part-time instructor and stated: ‘Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show Big Brother does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.’

Herren was made of the college’s action after Wednesday’s finale and says to The Hollywood Reporter: ‘If I lost my job over this, I’m going to be very upset because I don’t think I did anything to merit me losing my job. Sure, some of the stuff I said might have been ridiculous or vulgar but at the same time I did comedy and things like that so people understand it’s my personality. I never said anything that I thought was super mean.’

Many of the most offensive comments this season surfaced on the show’s live internet feed with CBS airing just a small portion of them during its telecast.

‘I had no idea there was such a big deal,’ Andy tells THR. ‘I know things were said in the house that people didn’t like and I didn’t like them either. But at the same time, I had no idea it was going to be this grand scope of things, that it was going to be so controversial. I really hope that myself and a lot of the people who weren’t really involved in that can come out of it with America knowing that none of that was at the helm of me or most of the people in the house.’



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2 Remarks

  1. He deserves to be called out for what he contributed even if it wasn’t on the same level of those horrible, racist women they had.

  2. Andy and the vast majority of the houseguests this season were just disgusting to watch and listen to. Andy was one of the biggest weasels ever to play BB. I live in the Chicago area and I would love to see him in person so I could tell him what a LOUSY represntative he was for the gay community. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather not have the money and keep my reputation….and Andy can’t be called out enough.

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