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Gawker pressures CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to just be out already!

It seems that the Gawker site has had it with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper being coy about his sexuality – at least publicly.
As far as I know, Anderson has never denied being gay or tried to go out on fake dates with women etc. He has simply chosen not to discuss it or even acknowledge it publicly.
That is absolutely his choice so I don’t agree with Gawker and others who are demanding more.

Referencing a PAGE SIX item today, Gawker writes: Saying Cooper is gay is no longer a scoop. It’s not a scandal. Even the humor involved in all the clever winking and nodding is past its expiration date. With today’s item Page Six may have exhausted all the ways to say “He’s GAY GAY GAY!”

Anderson does his job and does it well and he tackles gay topics on his show on a regular basis and asks the tough questions. I appreciate his coverage of LGBT issues and don’t feel he owes us anything more.
The only time I was annoyed with Anderson’s private  stance was when he wrote his deeply personal book Dispatches From the Edge in which he wrote about covering Hurricaine Katrina as well as about his late father and especialy about his brother who committed suicide. Not even mentioning he was gay or exploring how that also impacted him was an ommision that took a lot away from the book.
Maybe someday he’ll write another book that is more complete. But until then, it’s his business to live his life as he chooses.
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2 Remarks

  1. October 30th, 2009 at 9:34 am
    David in Houston says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Anderson keeping his private life private. His is obviously living his life as an openly gay man. (Biking with his boyfriend in public. Taking his boyfriend on vacation with him.)

    PS: His boyfriend is incredibly hot. I am so jealous that he gets to go to bed with him every night. Look at those arms! Yowza!

    *goes to take a cold shower*

  2. Cooper himself says, that he never intended for his book to be a complete biography, but had a more specific idea about it:
    “All those things – my brother’s suicide, my father’s death – were in the public domain. To me, I wasn’t writing a tell-all narrative about my life; it was a book about loss, war, disasters and survival.”

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