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Gale Harold reflects on “Queer as Folk”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gale15.jpg

Randy Harrison, Michelle Clunie, Gale Harold, Scott Lowell, Sharon  Gless, Rosie O'Donnell, Peter Paige, Harris Allan, Thea Gill and Robert  Gant Showtime's Queer As FolkL. Pief Weyman - Wednesday, September, 20, 2006,  5:20 AMGlad I picked up the latest issue of Rage Monthly because inside is a really terrific interview with actor Gale Harold who played Brian Kinney for five seasons on Queer as Folk.
Gale and The L Word’s Jennifer Beals were honored earlier this month at The Center Orange County 2010 Gala Celebration for their contribution to the LGBT experience due to their roles on these landmark Showtime dramas.
Of Q as F Gale says: “There are hundreds of specific memories but I think in terms of overall memory that comes back to me is how invigorating it was to be working on that role. It was frightening to me taking on that part because I’d seen Aiden Gillen in the original [UK version] by Russell T. Davies. I’m glad that I did but it was such a strong performance, I wanted to bring something that could stand up to it. It was such a bold character and a bold performance. I needed to let everything happen as it should and try to be honest at all times. That’s one of the things I really remember. … It was a little touch and go at first because I just had to make choices and not let myself be swayed by my own self-editing or nervousness. It was very clear to me that I was taking on an important responsibility, but I didn’t want myself to get bogged down by trying to do the right thing. I didn’t want to live up to a bunch of expectations that would be unrealistic to the life the character was leading.”
Gale shares what is his favorite scene that he did and it was opposite Sharon Gless who played the mom of his best friend Michael (Hal Sparks): “There’s a scene that Sharon and I did in my loft smoking a joint. … I feel it’s some of the best work that I did in the show. It’s a moment where Brian is so alone. He actually gets to jack into someone in a way that’s just about love, you know? It’s about what he couldn’t get from his own family; he got it from his best friend’s mother. I think that’s a beautiful thing. It’s kind of how life is more often than not. Sometimes we have to take love where we can find it. He was fortunate to have Michael as a friend and then to have Michael’s mother Debbie give him some heart. He didn’t have a lot of it in his own home.”
The actor, who is straight and played Teri Hatcher’s boyfriend on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, was asked by the magazine what he thought of the recent Newsweek article in which writer Ramin Setoodeh contended that openly gay actors like Sean Hayes and Jonathan Groff are not convincing in heterosexual romantic roles.
“I think that was ill-conceived and a little strange for someone who should be supporting his comrades to take a shot like that,” Gale said. “But, hopefully, he’ll learn a lesson when he goes to Glee school and understands things better. To take a shot at Sean Hayes who has a really established career on stage and screen. Someone who now is a successful, out, working actor and to take a shot at him in Newsweek just seems so petty, you know?”
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28 Remarks

  1. June 18th, 2010 at 4:22 pm
    Lyndsey White says:

    You go Gale! I’m so glad he said that about Setoodeh’s comment. So very true. Gale is great; I love reading his newest interviews. He seems very intelligent. :)

  2. I looove this man! He´s very talented, smart, charismatic and very good actor

    Thank you for this wonderful article!

  3. Gale Harold is awesome. So glad to read this!

  4. Talented, intelligent, and gorgeous. What a combination. And the Rage interview was fabulous.

  5. gale is an amazing and the most underrated actor in hollywood. while i applaud his role choices (not DH! or CSI!) in indie movies, i hope he’ll the opportunity for a small role in a mainstream movie in order to get the recognition he deserved.

    QAF has changed my life — it was honest, daring, challenging and real. it brought salient issues to the fore. The acting was superb and the chemistry between harold and harrison was astounding. most memorable tv pairing. ever. their on-screen intimacy was rare and beautiful. truly a gem.

  6. June 21st, 2010 at 8:14 am
    galinenette says:

    A Star in the name of GALE HAROLD.Absolutely beautiful and a Great Actor, Absolute Fan I admire. He is gifted intelligent sense,,,And we miss him terribly
    Friendship France

  7. It’s so awesome that they posted / did this interview. I just recently read one with the creators from 2010. It’s insane that they’re reflecting on it five years after. Insane and awesome! Hahaha.

  8. Love the article. Gale is really great. I read his othe interviews and I am sooo in love with this man! As for QAF, I see that the impact of this show is really unbelievable. I loved it so much, I have just seen the whole 5 seasons and I couldn’t believe how good it is. It’s really well done, interesting captivating, funny, sad, everything…it’s like a life. I really liked the characters, especially how Gale’s character was developed and portrayed. I loved the chemistry between Gale and Randy. Brian and Justin were really the best part of the show, but also the others were interesting. I still hope there will be a movie or a season 6. Although I like the ending and I believe that they will be together anyway, it would be nice to see on a movie what happened next ;-)

  9. Exactly…that writer was out of line. No matter if the actor is straight or gay, they’re an actor…they can get into character just as easily as anyone else. So, you go Gale. Not many people are brave enough to take such a bold role and I think Gale and the other actors are to be commended for doing so. I loved Queer as Folk because it was honest (not to mention the gorgeous men) but it really said something about everyone, gay or straight. We’re all the same. :)

  10. While I love Gale and Randy I felt that the ending of QAF for those two was not so hot! Brian let Justin go to New York? Nooooo. Brian wanted to work in New York! Rather than let Justin go, I believe Brian would have just packed up and gone with Justin. Everyone was with someone at the end of the series and to not leave Brian and Justin together was a gyp! We all were hoping for Brian to come to his senses! When he finally did, they split up? How are we to think that Brian got by without Justin? When Justin went to Hollywood it practically killed Brian. Nope, I don’t believe Brian would let Justin go without him. And I don’t think Justin would have gone.But, I can just content with myself with my idea that Brian sold the barn of a house he bought for Justin and took Kinnetik and went off to New York where they lived happily…. at least for a while! Damn! Why did this show have to go off? I bought the DVD’s and they won’t play. Logo censors the few shows it airs to the point of being unrecognizable. How am I supposed to get my fix of Brian and Justin? Especially Randy since he doesn’t do TV. I’ll just sulk.

  11. Thanks so much, Greg. GKM, I miss Brian and Justin too! I keep hoping one of Randy’s independent films will make it to a public screen we can all view. Heck, I just wish I could see the 11 min. short! And since both have roots in Atlanta, why can’t they both come back and perform in a play? Ugh! I also suggest you read a recent interview of Cowlip (Daniel Lipman and Ron Cowen)- “QAF Interview 2010.” Their B&J ending is very optimistic!

    Favorite excerpt:

    Dan: Regarding Brian’s “Its only time” speech: Brian didn’t mean that he and Justin would never see each other again. He was merely implying that even if they DIDN’T see each other again they would still know that they were bonded forever. That’s what their story was always about. An unlikely romance, an unconventional romance, but a great romance that would embrace them for a lifetime.

    Ron: The idea for the speech came from a Shakespeare sonnet we all read in high school – #116. “Love’s not Time’s fool”….”Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.”

    Damn, I love those writers! It’s the stuff dreams are made of…

  12. The whole Brian/Justin thing did little for me. The great Brian tamed by a a kid? I don’t think so. I loved his and Michael’s relationship though.

  13. Dee — Brian never let Justin “tame” him! He fell in love with Justin in a way he never could or would with Michael.

    And Gale is absolutely a sweetie and amazing (so is Randy.) Hal Sparks has said a lot of snotty things in interviews…

  14. QAF is a great show,it’s not only belong to Amerian ,also the world and lots of folks,like me a chinese guy !

  15. By the way,i love the former 3 seasons more,do not know how to describ it,factually ,at the beginning the relationship between B&M moved me,it’s like a creek ,which is long and warm.

  16. gale is such a great actor and obviuosly”very hot n handsom”.Gale n Randy did a fab job in QAF.It is rock coz of them n others,too.

  17. QAF was brilliant on both sides of the pond. Gale brought a dynamic to Brian that a lot of actors would miss…”Letting” Justin go was pure Brian-if he went to NYC, that would have blown Brians character for the full 5 seasons…Gale is uber sexy-my daughter used to sneak on the stairs to watch it with me then she would power marathon it on sick days from school. She became obsessed with Brian so I had to explain the complexities of who he was! Gale is underrated as an actor! Would love to see him ride his Ducari motorbike on TV-HOT!!!!!!!

  18. Hey QAF fans ~ does anybody know which episode Gale’s referring to with Sharon (Debbie) at his loft smoking a joint? I thought I saw just about every episode, but I can’t recall that scene. Would love to look it up. Thanks! ~E

  19. @ ellie: Uh, there are multiple times where this happens LOL. Season 3 Episode 14 is the first time they smoke pot together, but they do it again in Season 5 Episode 8 or 9, I’m not sure but I know that it was one of the two because they were talking about Brian’s huge fight with Michael. Brian has a hysterical line when he notices the casserole in Debbie’s hand and says he knows they’re “gonna get stoned and have a meaningful conversation” XD.

  20. February 22nd, 2012 at 6:24 am
    Simone Rodrigues says:

    Besteira, um ator é um interprete e ponto final.
    Ele tem a capacidade de dar vida a qualquer personagem e o genial e lindo Gale Harold é um ator.

  21. “Thank-You-Sir-Harold”! You were and are “Truly-Superb”! My partner and I think you “Eternally-Rock”! We will always be grateful for your performance on “Q.A.F.” Even though it was only 5-seasons you and your cast mates did the gay community “So-Proud”! We were blessed to have you all. Once again “Thank-You-Sir”! Much love and Happiness To You! “The-Chucks”

  22. i think queer as folk was one of the best shows i have ever seen in my that when it was playing i was young and i could not go meet the cast.but i watched all five seasons and i think they were absolutly great.i fell in love with all the charcters.especially brian and justin .gale harold is such a great actor because he made us think thta he was gay himself even though he is straight in real life.he played hes part so good.we all fell in love with the end of the show i cry because did justin left and they put the saddest song at the end i cry so much why couldnt brian just go with him dammm i was so sad ..i really think they should make a season 6 to see how they meet again and stay together but they wont its been to long..anyway i just want to say i love you gale your the best actor have seen on television and you deserve alot of soppurt cause your big fan of QaF

  23. OMG”””I love BRIAN KINNY”’and JUSTIN””they were the best i am so mad they didnt get married you see Brian didnt return the rings hmmmmm reason for ePisode 6 or a movie ””’there was some unfinished businness I LOVED THEM TWO THE BEST”’justin really loved you MR GALE””’EMMET ALSO AS MY BEST CHARACTOR”’LOVE ME SOME HIM”’MRS DEBBIE WAS THE BEST MOM EVER ””I SAW SOME scenes when this show first aired thanks to CABLE AND SHOWTIME I SAW all 5 seasons in 2014 ”’AND LOVED EVERY ONE OF THEM ”’I JUST WISH THEY MAKE MORE EPISODES MR GALE ”’AND USE THE SAME CAST ””CALL IT QAF RETURNS”’

  24. The first time I saw QAF was almost 14 years ago at my best friend and her girlfriend (now wife) apartment when we were all in College I recently began watching the series reruns when They began on Showcase I watch them now and wonder why they never had a season 6 too see what would have happened between Brian Kinny and Justin out of all the couples except Michael and Ben they were the best realistic,shared a wonderful connection It seems through everything those two had gone through together they always ended up in each others arms again they were just meant to be now in my 30′s married with three kids two boys and a girl I look back on those days when we were all a bunch of crazy teens realizing it was because of shows like QAF we were able to
    understand what it was like growing up in a country where it took so long for gay marriage to become legal the type of things my kids watch today is nowhere near as realistic and honest as the shows we watched. bringing back QAF with the original cast would be one of the best things showtime and cable can do give us a chance to find out what happens to the cast and continue with new episodes.
    P.S. Ellie the episode you’re referring to was Anything in common and I’Love You when Cyndi Lauper guest starred as a singer at Babylon for the Benefit fighting Prop 14 when the explosion went off at the club the first time Brian actually says I Love You to Justin. in fact those two episodes were just on this past thursday 11-7-14 on Showcase maybe they will bring QAF back for season 6 and new episodes after seeing how much this show meant to so many other people. in the meantime we just have to be happy with the reruns on Showcase reliving the original QAF days.
    Gnight Elisabeth :)

  25. Crazy in love with. QAF. I am a straight single female seeing this for the first time on Showtime. I wait not so patiently each week for it to come on . Wish they could do a sequel with same cast think it would do well. Taught me a lot about the gay community

  26. Love this man! He was/is sooo beautiful, hot,talent, likable.

  27. I just watched QAF, I loved the tenderness and love Gale Harold ,Brian, showed his baby boy and Justin.Emmett was great! he kept everybody on an even keel. I was sad that it ended. you just know Brian and Justin can’t stay away from each other for very long,

  28. I just finished the show (in about 2 weeks, yes I couldn’t stop) and I’m feeling lucky and stupid at the same time not seeing this tv show years ago. I’d heard about it a long time ago, but there were other series I was interested in so I never chose QAF. Until this month.. and I feel lucky because it would have been hard to wait so many years for a possible reunion (I know it’s not happening.. but maybe just a couple more years? A girl can only hope..). I feel kinda weird too, because I was seeing a show which was aired so damn long ago (I was only 13 in 2000, haha), they are all have grown up (I know age is just a number, but still) they are not young anymore, not like in the show… feels funny and sad at the same time.

    I absolutely love each one of them (khm except for Ben), and even though I’m straight I consider them as my all time favourite show and it will be. As others said it was such an honest serie and I’m glad those writers/producers had the balls to do it, even if it was only for 5 seasons.. and they made only 13-14 episodes from season 3,4 and 5.. half as much in season 1 and 2 which made me sad, because if we think about it we could have at least 30 more episodes.. like how Brian and Justin are living together in New York.. because even though the writers chose that Brian should stay in Pittsburgh -and I can understand that decision because it’s Brian Kinney- I still think that it would have been also believable not to create a possible long distance relationship instead of just being together as in Pittsburgh but this time in a new city to grow.. and with each other. They were living together in P. so in my opinion NY would not be that much of a different life(style).
    I see some voting polls on the internet asking which tv series we want to bring back.. course there are a lot of enthusiastic fans trying to win it for QAF.. I hope those were work.. It would be a thrill to see those guys together again even if Hal’s said he would never do anything ever again with Gale and Randy. Seeing Britin side by side.. watching what has happened to the others.. but the show was a long time ago.. they have better things to do..still I hope we will see them together once again even if it would be for a short period of time like the Gilmore Girls reunion..

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